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7 Best Christmas Press-on Nail Designs to Try in 2022

Christmas brings happiness and contentment to everyone. If you have started shopping for your Christmas dress, then it is time to think about your nails too.
Here are the Top 7 Press-on Nail Designs of Christmas in 2022 by Glamermaid. You can buy these Christmas Press-on Nails for yourself, or you can gift them to someone. Check them out.
  • Christmas Stamp Nails

One of the top Christmas Nail Designs in 2022 is the Christmas Stamp. The colors used in this design are white, navy blue, and baby blue. It features snowflakes and Christmas trees design on the nails that give Christmas vibes. There is also a Zig-Zag design on the nails that look quite lovely. The Christmas Stamp nails have a glossy finish and will look spectacular on your hands. These gorgeous nails by Glamermaid will also go with all colors of the dress.
  • Christmas Green Nails

The Christmas Green Nails are perfect for the holiday season. These press-on nails have a very unique design that gives the perfect holiday season vibes. The design includes the use of snowflakes, Christmas tree, and line elements on the nails. The snowflakes and Christmas trees signify the presence of Christmas to everyone. The basic colors used in it are Green, white and black, whereas the red and yellow colors are used for lining. These Christmas Green Nails have a matte finish, and they can also go easily with all the other colors.

  • Christmas Gingerbread Man Nails

The Christmas Gingerbread man nails look so adorable. These Press-on nails feature a gingerbread man cartoon that will surely catch everyone’s attention. We see a lot of Gingerbread cookies during Christmas, so why not have them on our nails too? These nails also feature decorative snowflakes that look equally adorable. There is also a spiral design on one of the nails as well. The colors used are black, red, brown, and white. The Christmas Gingerbread man has a glossy finish and will look great on your nails.

  • Christmas Novelty Nails

As the name shows, the Christmas Novelty Nails bring newness. This design is new and unique. None of your friends and family would have seen it before. The Christmas Novelty Press-on nails have a matte finishing and include green, red, white, and beige colors. The adorable cartoon design on these nails looks absolutely magnificent. The Christmas Novelty Nails can easily go with both formal and casual looks.

  • The Christmas Grid Nails

The Christmas Grid Nails can be easily considered one of the top Nail Designs of Christmas in 2022. Like the majority of Christmas nails design in 2022, the Christmas Grid Nails include snowflakes and Christmas tree designing on the nails. These press-on nails have a glossy finishing and feature red, black, blue, and white colors. The Grid pattern is made using red and black colors which looks quite spectacular. The big snowflake that covers the grid pattern looks so magnificent. The white Christmas tree is present in a circular shape with red background also looks quite lovely.

  • Christmas Painting Nails

The Christmas Painting Nails have a very classy and adorable design. The painting design on the red nails looks exotic and unique. The Christmas Painting Nails also features a big white snowflake on a red-painted nail which gives holiday season vibes. On the other hand, the grid design on the nails looks simple yet adorable. These press-on nails have a glossy finish which will help to outshine everyone. The nails are designed using black, red, pink, and white colors. This can easily become one of the best Christmas Nail Designs 2022, without any doubt.

  • Christmas Snowflake Nails

Last but surely not least are these Christmas Snowflake Nails. As the snowflakes signify the coming of the holiday season, the Glamermaid has introduced Christmas Snowflake Nails. The best thing about these Christmas press-on nails is that it has a woman painting on one of the nails. The woman on the nail looks so beautiful yet so empowering. Her hair is open, and she is wearing a green dress with maroon lipstick and heavy blush-on. The Christmas Snowflake nails have a glossy finish and feature a snowflake design on every nail. The colors used in these nails are red, black, green, and white. We are sure they will look lovely on your hands

These are the Glamermaid’s Top 7 Christmas Press-on Nail designs. We hope that you like our Christmas collection. For more Christmas Nail Designs 2022, you can visit our Christmas Nails on the website.

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