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7 Cool Popular Press On Nail Designs to Try This Summer


Now that summer is almost here. It is time to start thinking about your press on nails. Whether you like simple designs or outrageous designs, adding a set of bright summer press on nails to your fingers can instantly elevate your whole look to another level.

You can find plenty of summer-themed press on nail designs on Gamermaid. From subtle gradients to checkerboard nails and seasonally appropriate neons, there is something for everyone's taste and preferences in Glamermaid’s collection.

Check out the collection below for some of the most beautiful summer nail designs you will find on Glamermaid.

●  Rainbow Curve

Sometimes all you need is to get out of your usual likes and try something unique. These Glamermaid’s Rainbow Curve press on nails will fit that purpose admirably. This design features six different colors with diagonal stripes in the middle of the press on nail, making them look like a beautiful Rainbow. These colorful nails will give perfect summer vibes.

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●  Jumping Vivid Tone

Nothing screams summer quite like a pair of bright press on nails. In this Jumping Vivid Tone press on nail, you will find a random collection of different bright-colored nails that will make you grin. These cool colorful press on nails will light up your looks in the intense heat.

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●  White Flower Blooms

Take a stroll through a field of daisies by just glancing at your hands. This beautiful press on nail is full of life and is the ideal option for the summer months. The White Flower Blooms press on nail has blue as a base color, making the white blooms stand out even more. This style will never go out of style, and it is perfect for beaches.

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●  Neon Summer

Every season, neon emerges in a unique style. Glamermaid has a unique Neon Summer press on nail design that you must try. It consists of a thin black line across the center of the design, separating the two delicate shades of color. You will instantly feel cooler by looking at these nails.

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●  Cat Woman

Cat Woman press on nails are the ideal choice if you enjoy creative nail design. You can use these press on nails to unleash your inner fan in a stylish way. It is not only the usage of the color yellow that makes this Glamermaid press on nail stand out more. It also showcases your sexy persona. These Cat Woman nails are perfect for summers.

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●  Colorful Smiles

It is all about having fun and spending time with your loved ones during this summer season, so why not display your happiness on your press on nails? These cute press on nails have different colors in this design; they are vibrant and create a huge impression. Each press on nail has two dots and a smiling line that combine to make a welcoming, happy face.

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●  Showy Butterfly

Butterflies on your nails are the epitome of all that is fun and carefree about the summer season. The Showy Butterfly press on nail displays a delicate and elegant appearance. It has a pink base color that emphasizes the butterfly wings and sparkling motifs. This Glamermaid press on nail is perfect for every summer occasion.

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All of the Glamemaids press on nail designs described above are inspired by the natural beauty of summer and are thus appropriate for you to try this summer season. Have a happy summer everyone!

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