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A Carnival for Cat lovers, you Must Check Out These Styles!

Who doesn’t like cats? Their soft paws, cute eyes, and adorable faces rule the hearts. Don’t even forget about their pointy ears. These fluffy balls are simply loveable! You can never just hate them.


In ancient Egypt, cats used to be worshipped. Nowadays, they rule the whole world including the fashion world. We have seen cat faces on t-shirts, pants, and jackets. Not to mention, they are widely seen on nails too. Cat press on nail designs are very much in demand. Glamermaid being the best press on nail sellers has introduced them too.


Here is the Glamermaid press on nail Carnival for all Cat lovers. Check out these amazing styles!

Cat Family

Dive into the cuteness by wearing these Cat Family press on nails. This adorable design will set you a par from the rest of the world. All five nails feature different sweet cat faces. We can see a ginger, a blue tabby, a yellow and white, a blue and white, and a blue cat. They look so simple yet quite adorable. Add these cutesy cat press on nail designs to your cart now!

Coral Pop

If you are looking for the cutest nails, then these Coral Press on nails will do the job. The black cats are adorable. Gone are the days when they were considered bad luck, now they are considered kings. The cute black faces on an orange background will surely make you stand out. Not to mention, you will always feel that these cats are looking at you. Wear these adorbs and let them do the talking.

Cat Team

Do you have a cat fever? So, do we. Cats are the cutest creature in the whole world, and we believe they should be everywhere. Yes, including your nails. Want to have these cute little monsters on your nails? If yes, then these grey fluffy cats will do the job. Their adorable eyes will make sure that you won’t feel alone. Buy these Glamermaid Cat Team press on nails now!

Cat Group

Another adorable cat nails are these Cat Group press on nails. These press on nail features cutesy cat faces on all five nails. We can see the different and colorful sweet faces on the nude base. We are sure that when you wear these Cat Group press on nails, everyone will praise them. Order these adorable cat faces now!

Funny Cat

Want to see the cats as characters? Funny cat shows adorable cats in different dresses and roles. The Funny Cat press on nails will steal all the attention from the crowd. All cat lovers will look at your nails continuously. These adorable fluffy babies are wearing adorable costumes. We just can’t get enough of them. Let the cute blue and yellow eyes do all the talking.

Want to see more of Cat press on nail designs? If yes, then click here to see the adorable cat press on nails on Glamermaid.

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