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Are Press On Nails the Best Form Of Manicure?


The best manicure that makes you feel confident is all you need. Some people are not a fan of their natural nail strength, shape, or color. If this is the case, then there are certain manicure options for them. They can get acrylic nails, traditional nails, press on nails, or gel nails.

We recommend press on nails, as they are an excellent manicure solution for everyone. Press on nails give you instantly the best manicure with zero drying time. They are a true beauty hack that will save your time and a few bucks. Not only are they cheaper, easier, and faster to apply, but they can trick your every friend into thinking they are "real," too. So, If you have not worn press on nails in a while, it is time you try this DIY manicure because the press on nails’ fit, quality, and selection have all changed for the better. 

Press on Nails Vs. Traditional Nails

Press on nails have significantly overtaken traditional nail manicures in every regard. To make you understand why press on nails are better for you, here are some of the advantages of press on nails over traditional nails.

  • Press on nails are more durable than traditional nails. They can be used multiple times, so you get a lot of bang for your buck!
  • These days, you can find pre-painted sets of press on nails for all nail lengths and shapes, from short square nails to long oval nails. 
  • If you do a lot of work with your hands, traditional nails are more prone to breaking than press on nails. Hence they are known as best nails for working hands.
  • Traditional nails chip off almost instantly, press on nails on the other hand do not. 
  • Unlike traditional nails, press on nails come in different designs, colors, and patterns that are embellished in unique ways.
  • As compared to traditional nails, press on nails do not damage your nails.

Hence, press on nails are a step above traditional nails and are a fool-proof way to give yourself the best manicure from home. 

As many people prefer press on nails over traditional nails, several brands have jumped into the market, launching their own lines of press on nails. Glamermaid stands the test of time and has the best nails for everyone. Our designs are the most fashionable, reasonably priced, and have the highest.

Glamermaid offers hundreds of different trendy nail designs in a wide range of shapes and styles, so there is something that suits everyone's taste and imagination. The strength and glossy finish of Glamermaid's press on nails give the impression of a real manicure. So guess what? Nobody would ever realize that you didn't just get out of the beauty salon!

Glamermaid has just released a number of press on nails, and the following are some of its new designs. So let's take a look!

1. Black Vase

(click on the image to get the product)

2. Cat Eye / Dark Gold Lingering

(click on the image to get the product)

3. Sacrificial Tome

(click on the image to get the product)

4. Clear Sky

(click on the image to get the product)

5. Poisoned Bullet

(click on the image to get the product)

Glamermaids' press on nails are the best manicures for expressing your individuality. They have the best nails for working hands, so you don’t have to redo your manicure again and again. So, If you want to step up your nail game, feel free to try any of the styles that are present above.

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