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Be the Centre of The Party with the Help of Glamermaid Nails


If you want to attend a party where you expect that people will be at their most glamorous selves, you surely don't want to let yourself get left behind by everyone else. You would want to look at your best self from head to toe. You would want everything about your appearance to exude confidence. So, you will not want to overlook any minor detail, even your nails. And nail art is a wonderful way to be creative and express yourself.

This is why Glamermaid has come up with stunning party nail designs that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Be it glitter or fiery red; there is much more variety of designs available than you ever thought. There are dark thermochromic, solid color, nature, cat-eye, tarot, and marble to create a party rage. Not to forget glow in the dark.

Party nail designs are expected to be colorful, loud, and eye-catching. If you’re oozing with confidence, then these Glamermaid's press on nails can be used as weapons to be the center of the party.

● Thermochromic

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For something where the edge meets glam, go for this Purple Sunset of thermochromic design collection on Glamermaid. This subtle press on nail design is best for when you’re attending occasions like homecomings, proms, or even weddings.

● Solid Color

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Are you looking for a very feminine look for your nails? Check out this unique blend of glitz and glamour. Every true nail addict will love this red press on nails, which is complemented by the rich and sultry glitter. The Shining Ruby press on nail looks downright elegant and classy, and it’s a perfect nail design for big parties.

● Nature Elements

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Which girl would shy away from this dramatic black hue nature nail design? Some party nail designs are so much filled with energy and elegance, and Leaves Under Moonlight happens to be one of them. This is basically the best glammed-up look you can get for your nails for an upcoming party. It’s not something too overboard or too boring.

● Cat-eye

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What you will love about this nail design is it’s very enchanting with the right blend of chic and shine. If you want to showcase elegance and minimalism, then this lovely Parisian Night design effortlessly delivers them both. Your hands will look cute while wearing this adorable Cat eye design.

● Tarot

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This Glamermaid’s Moon and Snake press on nails are basically a great way to glam up your look while still rocking the dark and Gothic side within you. You can wear this at any party or casual event at School, College, or University to draw the attention of people around you.

● Neon Luminous

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Is it downright spooky, or is it partylicious fun? Bask in this glowy Lightning Purple design when it comes to party nail designs that are enough to grab the eyeballs in your party circle.


The best part about these Glamermaid's press on nails is its creative designs that are made with the use of the remarkable skills of the artist. So pick up one of your favorite party nails shown above because once you have them with you, you’ll be partying all night long.

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