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Best Press On Nails For July That Will Get You Into A Holiday Spirit


In the midst of the Holiday season, everyone finds themselves searching for ways to celebrate the vacations. Each person celebrates the holidays in their own unique manner. During this time of the month, you will be using your hands for a lot of different activities. Therefore, you should do yourself a favor and get some adorable press on nails for your hands as a self-serving gift to yourself.

On Glamermaid, you will discover some of the best press on nails to suit your holiday spirit and your sense of style. Here are a few of their collections for the holidays in July!

1. American Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrated on July 4 of each year in the United States of America. You may show your love for your nation by decorating your nails with flags, stars, fireworks, and patriotic colors like white, red, or blue.

●  Hero Day

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Hero Day press on nail design is the most elegant choice to show your patriotism and love for your country. This Glamermaid’s press-on nail consists of swirls, and stars, printed in the colors of the American flag.

●  Eternal Power

In honor of American independence day, what better way to celebrate than by adorning your nails with the American flag? If you are a proud American woman. This Eternal Power press on nail is the perfect choice for you to show your friends and family your pride for your nation.

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2. Canada Day

On July 1st, people all around the world who consider Canada to be their home and native country celebrate Canada Day. However, it is the perfect time to put some Canada Day press on nails and show off your patriotic spirit.

●  Scarlet Zebra

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Press on nails in red and white are a must for Canada Day. It shows your love for your country and will help you to get the message across that patriotism is important. This Glamermaid’s Scarlet Zebra is the perfect press on nail for you to bring your manicure statement to life.

●  Fluttering Silk

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If you are a gorgeous Canadian woman who takes pride in her country, surely your press on nails will include a lot of red and white hues. Therefore, give these Fluttering Silk press on nails available on Glamermaid a try so that you may showcase the True North on your fingers.

3. International Friendship Day

Friends are blessing and are like stars. Every year, International Friendship Day is celebrated on July 30 to remind ourselves that friendship is a great bond. Now it is time to transform your manicure into one that is bold and expressive with the help of Glamermaid press on nails to celebrate Friendship Day with your friends.

●  Sun Flower

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To celebrate Friendship Day, press on nail designs with cute smiley faces are a must. This Glamermaid’s Sun Flower press on nail gives you a subtle way to display your love for your friends. This design will help us to remember that all of our friends have different personalities but we all smile together.  

●  Rainbow Wall

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Friends bring colors to our lives and to celebrate Friendship Day, this Rainbow Wall Glamermaid press on nail design is the best choice. This press on nail will surely provide an aura of subtle beauty to your hands. It is the mixture of different colors that makes this press on nail even more stunning.

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