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Christmas Sale: Santa Claus is Delivering Presents!

Christmas is so close, and the time is less. Preparing for Christmas makes most people happy, but for some, it is an overwhelming task. We have to buy presents, decorate homes, and prepare for the feast. Have you shopped for Christmas nails yet? If not, then check out Glamermaid Christmas press on nails. We are sure they will make you instantly happy and make you look stunning.


Like Santa Claus is delivering Presents, Glamermaid is also delivering your Christmas orders. We also have Christmas stockings, that would help you to either warm your feet or store gifts for your loved ones. These Christmas socks have beautiful Christmas vibes in them. They feature decorated Christmas trees, snowflakes, gingerbread men, and Christmas candies.  

Now let’s have a look at some of the best Glamermaid press on nail designs that you can wear this Christmas.

Christmas Stamp

Simple yet utterly gorgeous, these Christmas Stamp press on nail sets will make you feel confident and bold. This press on nail set features dark blue, white, and light blue colors. The nails are designed with snowflakes, Christmas trees, and a simple zig-zag design. Wear them on Christmas day and look simple yet classy.

Christmas Blue Snowflakes

Want to have Christmas vibes on your press on nails? If yes, then these Christmas Blue Snowflakes nails will have your back. These adorable Christmas nails feature snowflakes, and solid blue and white colors with a matte finish. You can wear these press on nails on Christmas Eve to reflect your adorable style. Order them at once!

Christmas Windmill

Whether you like to see windmills or not, you will surely love these Christmas Windmill nails. The Christmas Windmill nails are designed with red and green colors which are the colors of Christmas. The glossy finish along with the windmill design will make your hands look simple yet stunning. Buy the Christmas windmill nails now!

Christmas Flag

Are you looking for Christmas nails that everyone will adore? If yes, then these Christmas Flag press on nails will be loved by both adults and children. This design features red and green solid color nails, a gingerbread man on a white nail base color, and a red, green, and white diagonal stripe design. Love this Christmas matte press on nail design? Order the Christmas Flag press on nails.

Christmas Greetings

If you want to fully celebrate Christmas on your nails too then these Christmas Greetings press on nails will be your best bet. These Christmas nails feature gingerbread men, snowflake designs, Christmas candy, and white and red diagonal stripes. When you will wear these Christmas nails, all eyes will be on your hands. Place your order for Christmas Greetings press on nails now!


If you love Glamermaid Christmas press on nails, then click here to see more of them. Each press on nail set is designed and made carefully by keeping the latest trends in mind. Order your favorite Christmas press on nails now!

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