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Countdown To Christmas, Get Your Christmas Presents Now!

The Christmas season is one of the most fun and joyous times of the year, so why not reflect that with your choice of nail art? We only get to celebrate once a year, so now is the time to add sparkle to your manicure and express yourself. 

Christmas nails may bring to mind sculpted Santas, over-the-top glitter, and red and green everything, but there are actually plenty of subtle options available to show your spirit in style. Glamermaid press-on nails have the option to suit every preference.

Christmas Snowing Night

Who said holiday nails had to be red or green? This delightfully press-on nail design proves it. This blue-toned nail design is like a mini work of art. With white snowflakes and silver dots, it's reminiscent of glittering snowfall. The shimmering silver hue will catch the light wherever you walk. Truly a gift to yourself. To draw even more attention to your hands, pile on chunky rings and bold accessories.

Christmas French Tip

French manicures are huge right now, but unlike the French mani of old days, you can switch things up. This press-on nail design has a dark red and green tip and a pink bubblegum base for a fun holiday-ready take on the classic. This manicure is the sweetest—yet chicest—festive mani we’ve ever seen. Put a fierce spin on a classic French mani with these show-stopping tips. For extra holiday spirit, one nail has a Santa hat and a Christmas tree.

Christmas Bows

If you really can't decide on just one design, get five different statement nails. Each nail of this manicure features a different design. There are snowflakes, a Santa hat, tiny decals, and a bow— basically, everything you could ask for. Classic and fun, this press-on nail design will pop at every party. There's a lot of merry to be making when donning these matte nails.

Christmas Sock

Look, your Christmas nail design doesn’t have to be so overly to get the idea across. If you’re not necessarily a nail minimalist but want something you can wear well into the new year, try these press-on nail designs.

This Christmas nail art combines all the good things about a sheer mani with an added “pop art” look.

To really emphasize the manicure's merriment, two fingers have embellishments attached to a chain. The black base makes the embellishment stand out even more than it already would and gives it a formal feel.

Christmas Sunshine


If you’re looking for something more low-key, look no further than this delicate design. Switch up your Christmas mani this year by ditching the “classic” colors for bright pastel shades. You’ll give off a chill vibe thanks to the deep colors. The appeal of this color combination is that it works well together, but it is also contrasting. It's ideal for anyone who loves a less obvious way to celebrate the season through beauty. This is ultimately one of the dreamiest and most feminine manicures around!

Christmas Cloth

This gorgeous mani is like your favorite holiday sweater, but on your nails. Most Christmas sweater prints leave a lot to be desired, but these nail designs are just perfect. With designs reminiscent of your coziest Christmas sweater, this art is simple, sweet, and full of holiday cheer. It is the perfect design for completing any holiday party ensemble this season. The perfect mani to match all of your comfy winter sweaters, from coffee hour to party time. Deep red and forestry green make a cozy duo.

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