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French Tip: No One Can Say No to It!

If you ask women what kind of nails they want in a nail salon bar, most of them will reply with French Tip nails. Women love French tip nails. The reason is that they look simple yet quite elegant. French tip nails also go easily with all kinds of outfits. You can wear them anywhere without any problem.


Glamermaid has introduced a lot of nails with French Tip, and we are sure no one can say no to them. Here are some of the cool French tip nails that you can get on the Glamermaid website. Check them out!


Did someone say match made in heaven? These Match press on nails and you are also a match made in heaven. They are simply adorable and will go with all outfits present in your closet. The black French tips on a nude base look really elegant. Not to mention, the Match press on nails have a glossy finish, so you can shine wherever you go!

Vanilla Sky



Wow! Just look at these gorgeous Vanilla Sky press on nails. These Vanilla Sky press on nail look very feminine and cozy. The pink French tip on the pink nude base looks spectacular. These French tip Vanilla Sky press on nails look like cotton candy. Your hands will thank you for wearing the Vanilla Sky press on nails.

Chasing Rainbows

Who would have thought that we could see Rainbow designs on French tips? These Chasing Rainbows press on nails will give your hands a touch of elegance that they were missing. These nails look so simple as they just feature rainbows on French tips, whereas the rest is just a nude base. These Chasing Rainbows French tip press on nails are available in matte finishing.

Starry Tale

Are you looking for French Tip nails with a little drama as well? The Starry Tale press on nails show rebellion by introducing other designs with French tip nails. Three of the five nails feature blue tips along with white stars. The star designs on the blue background look splendid. The glossy finish also adds a great shine. Order the Starry Tale press on nails now!

Copper Flower

The Copper Flower press on nails offer a touch of elegance along with this stylish design. The French tip nails along with the flower design will surely catch everyone’s attention. These simple French tip press on nails should be on your wishing list. Don’t wait and go for the Copper Flower press on nails.

Summer Breath

Let’s breathe fresh air by getting your hands on the Summer Breath French tip nails. The tips of the nails are designed with orange dots on a sea-green nail base color. The rest of the nails are designed with white flowers that look simply adorable. These stupendous Summer Breath French tip nails will make your life colorful. Shop these cute press on nails now!


Love these French Top press on nails? We know you did. Order your French tip nails from Glamermaid now!

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