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How to Reshape Press On Nails Like a Pro


Having neat and manicured nails makes you seem more appealing and sophisticated. If you notice any rough spots on the surface or around the edges of your nails, you will need to reshape them. Reshaping nails is an excellent substitute for a professional manicure. You may reshape your press on nails into a variety of unique styles. If you use the proper techniques and follow the expert-approved tips for reshaping press on nails, you will have no difficulty learning how to do it quickly and efficiently.

You do not need much to get started with reshaping your nails. They can be reshaped using only two tools: clipper and filer. However, you must first prepare a few essential tasks before starting the reshaping process.

  • Your nail must be trimmed to the correct length.
  • You must decide the ideal shape for your nails, such as oval, round, square, almond, or coffin.
  • You have applied press on nails correctly.


It is easy to reshape press on nails. The reason why people like to reshape press on nails can be many. One can be bored of one shape and want to change it to other. The press on nail gets a crack or is broken at the edges. Or one does not like the current shape.

Glamermaid provides you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to reshape your nails like a pro.

  • The first step is to trim your press on nails to the desired length.
  • Then you should file each nail, by keeping in mind the shape you want.
  • Keep looking at the shape of the nail while filling each side, and file till you get the desired shape.

Luckily you can reshape all your press on nails to a different shape if they are long in length. But, if you have squoval short-length press on nails, then it will be hard to change them to coffin nails.

Nail reshaping techniques vary depending on the shape of the nail. The oval, square, coffin and almond shape has their own filing method. You may be your own nail tech by following the instructions below on how to reshape different nail styles in the way that suits you best.

●  Oval Shape

It is the most universally stunning nail shape. You must file your nails in the shape of an egg. You have to hold the file at an angle and work your way along until you have covered the whole circle of your nail.

●  Square Shape

To reshape nails in a square style, all you need to do is file the tips of your nails. You must file straight across the top edge of your nail until they form a square shape.

●  Coffin Shape

You must file your nail from the sidewalls. After that, file the point straight across into a blunt edge, exactly like a square nail.

●  Almond Shape

If you want to reshape nails in almond style, make a mark in the center of your nail and begin to file toward that point. You should file the nail at an angle slightly off-center, creating a flat tip to round. Then file the corners to smooth off the sharp angles and form the nail into an almond shape.

While following the reshaping press on nails techniques, Glamermaid suggests being careful and not rushing the process. Making haste through the filing process may result in over filing, which may cause damage to your press on nails. We also suggest do not ruin the design of the nails while reshaping your nails, hence it is best to not reshape nails. We have all the shapes of nails with different nail designs, and you can purchase from us. 

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