How to Search Your Favorite Nail Style Exactly On the Glamermaid Website


Glamermaid is one of the popular websites around the world that provide its customers with hundreds of fashionable press-on nail designs with a variety of shapes and styles that will satisfy everyone’s taste and imagination.  

But while so many people use it, few actually get formal instructions on how to search for your favorite nail style on the website. Glamermaid releases dozens of new designs each week, so it might get difficult to search for your favorite nail style from the collection. That is why Glamermaid has added many tags to different press-on nails to make it easy for you to search. 

Below are the steps on how to search on Glamermaid by using tags. 

Step 1: Go to Glamermaid Website

Obviously, to search, you have to first go to the Glamermaid website from Google. You can also go directly to by typing into your web browser.

Step 2: Go to the Search bar.

Just type the tag that you're interested in finding into the search bar on Glamermaid's website. As you type, you may see words begin to appear below the search bar. These are tags that Glamermaid shows which may match what you are interested in. Type what you are searching for and press enter.

Step 3: Select your Nail Style

After you have searched, you will get a full list of various nail styles from the tag that you desire. From this list of several options, it will be easy to opt for your favorite nail style.

Some of the Glamermaid's nail style tags that will help you select your favorite press on nails are as follows. Just click on the word, and you will be redirected to the search results of a similar tag.

- Rainbow

- Smiling face

- Butterfly

- Mushroom

- Heart

- Checkboard

- Moon & star

- Leaf

- Marble

- Flower

- Art Design


● Rainbow

Glamermaid has a collection of magnificent rainbow nail art designs for you. The Glamermaid's rainbow nail tag is so dreamy and gorgeous. These tags have colorful rainbow colors that will definitely surprise you. These Rainbow Waves Press on nails will make your world beautiful.

(click on the image to get the product)

● Heart

Glamermaid's nail art with heart tags is a perfect choice when you want your nails to look romantic and lovely. Glamermaid has compiled stunning heart nail tags on their website, so you can choose your next design super easily! Heart to Heart Press on nails will make your heart flutter for sure.

(click on the image to get the product)

● Checkerboard

Another nail art tag you may be looking for is a checkerboard design. Glamermaid has noted that this look has become so trendy, and that is why it featured countless tags of checkerboard nail styles that you can choose from. Make your hands look gorgeous by getting your hands on Sunset Checkerboard design.

(click on the image to get the product)

● Flower

A flower nail art tag is all about adding some color to your life and bringing a smile to your face. For this reason, you must opt a flower nail style from the Glamermaid's tag, such as Strong Flower, which is likely to become one of your new favorite nail styles.

(click on the image to get the product)

● Smiling face

Some might have considered smiley face manicures the most significant nail trend, but in reality, smiley face nails are a classic. Glamermaid’s Half Smile design is surely worth a try!

(click on the image to get the product)

● Butterfly

Butterfly nails are fun to wear, and they make your entire outfit look more relaxed and happy. The Ocean Butterly press on nail design will look great on everyone!

(click on the image to get the product)

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn some additional tips that you will find helpful in your future searches for your favorite press on nail style on Glamermaid. 

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