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How to Stop Press On Nails From Chipping?


The quality of your nails may reveal a lot about your overall health. Everyone wishes to have strong, beautiful as well as healthy nails. And chipping nails are one of the problems that might arise over time. Even though it is one of those unpleasant beauty problems that you may be inclined to overlook, chipping nails can be caused by a variety of different things. Just like natural nails, press on nails are also susceptible to chipping. Some of the causes are discussed below:

What are the Causes?

There are a few causes that may lead to the chipping of your press on nails. They are as follows:

  • Using press on nails as a tool to open or pick up things.
  • Buffing the press on nails too much.
  • Washing dishes without gloves.
  • Peeling off without nail oil remover.
  • Washing the hands excessively.

However, you do not have to put up with these problems. Maintaining your press on nails with the appropriate care may make all the difference in avoiding nail chipping. However, there is a good chance that your press on nails will feel better if you use some Glamermaid tools on them.

Glamermaid is your greatest alternative for assisting you in resolving all of the basic issues. It is filled with all of the necessary tools that will assist you in preventing the chipping of your press on nails. Some of the basic accessory tools are described below:

    Nail Clipper:

      You need to use nail clippers that are really sharp to cut your long press on nails. A nail clipper is a basic tool available on Glamermaid. You can use it by holding the clipper in your hands, with the bottom part on your fingers. Place the finger with press on nails that you want to cut between the blades, and squeeze down on the lever with your thumb. Then, cut the press on nail straight across.

       Cuticle Trimmer(click on the image to get the product)

        Nail Buffer:

          Maintaining your press on nail by trimming and buffing will help prevent them from chipping. Use the large grit side of the buffer to buff your nails. Create a slight curve at the very tip of each press on nail using the Glamermaid’s nail buffer. You have to make sure to buff your press on nails gently. This will help smooth out any rough patches on your press on nails.

          Nail Buffer(click on the image to get the product)

          Nail Prep Oil Remover:

            Nail oil remover may strengthen your nails and prevent them from chipping or cracking. It is used before applying press on nails. This will make sure that your nail is prepared before applying press on nails. You will just need a drop and a few seconds of waiting for the Glamermaid’s Nail Prep Oil to work its magic.

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            9 in 1 manicure tool kit:

            All the above-mentioned tools keep your press on nails beautiful and prevent them from chipping. Moreover, you can also get all these tools in a single kit of Glamermaid such as 9 in 1 manicure tool kit. This kit includes all the necessary tools in one place. Go and grab the tools and keep your press on nails from chipping.

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