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Is This the Halloween Ornament You are Looking For?


There are two kinds of people: those who like creating the ideal Halloween costume and those who don't. If you fall into the latter category and find the entire procedure intimidating, buying a somewhat frightening accessory to add a creepy touch to your regular clothing can be a quick Halloween hack. From a mixed-metal spider-shaped ring to blood-dripping press-on nails, there’s a whole range of adornments that you can buy to get into the Halloween spirit.

Whether you’re looking for an accessory to step up your costume, something to wear to a social Halloween event, or something a little unorthodox to add to your usual repertoire, Glamermaid is your best bet! We’ve got all kinds of spooky, creepy, and witchy jewelry lined up. All you need is creativity in making the accessory work with what you’ve got in mind. Here are a few amazing pieces of Halloween jewelry you can buy this October.

1. Skull Ring


If you’re looking for something that isn’t as dainty and feminine as some other jewelry, this is the ring for you! Halloween is about spooky fun, so why not join in on it with a skull motif? Maybe you want to add it to your skeleton outfit, or you’re looking for something to toughen up your aesthetic. Whatever the case, this is a great piece of Halloween jewellery. Cute and oh-so creepy, Skull Ring from Glamermaid will add a little glamour to your look. You'll be sure to get at least a few smiles or scares out of this spooky Halloween accessory. Moreover, put the finishing touches on a ghastly new look with Glamermaid’s Halloween press-on nails to create a terrifying fright with a little imagination and this petrifying Skull Ring.


2. Spider Ring


Arachnophobes will agree; spiders are very scary. Maybe that’s why spiders can be found in so many Halloween movies and haunted houses at fairs. As creepy as they are, you have to admit, these little creatures are actually pretty cute – maybe cute enough to wear even when it isn’t Halloween. The spider ring makes quite the statement. So, make October feel like Spook-tober with this Spider Ring. Perfect for festival and rave outfits, this sexy ring can also take your Halloween costume to the next level! For a minimalistic look, you can also opt for Glamermaid’s Spiderweb Cat press-on nails to match with Spider Ring.


3. Devil Claw


Bring a glamorous touch to any daring demonic costume with the Glamermaid’s Devil Claw Ring. It is a next-level skeleton ring. Classy, shiny, and very trendy, this piece of Halloween jewelry is something that can be worn all year long. Of course, if you’re looking to add it to your Halloween costume, you can wear it with a trendy social media witch outfit or a ghost rapper/writer. All you need is some imagination. Pair them with the right press-on nail like Pink Grimace, and you'll have a ghastly look that's perfect for terrorizing patrons at your haunted house or freaking out the neighborhood kids on Halloween.


4. Alien Leaves


Add an air of mystery and glamour to any costume or festival look with the Glamermaid’s Alien Leaves Ring. An intricate ring with your likeness-ish that'll be that last finishing touch your October ensembles need. It is made with brass. This Alien Leaves Ring isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s big, bold, and full of magic vibes – perfect for you to show off at your next social gathering. Match this ring with Glamermaid’s Green Skull press-on nail.


Shop our fantastic collection of Halloween accessories that you will be dying to order and get your hands on. Whatever you choose, make sure you flaunt it.

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