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No One Can Say No to Our Glitter Press On Nails


Whether you like simple nails or design nails, one thing is certain you can never say no to glitter nails. Glitter nails are the epitome of beauty as they reflect the light and catch everyone’s attention. The specks of small reflective particles look really adorable. The matte and glossy nails also look cool, but glitter nails take precedence. The reason is that glitter nails are great for a night out in town and even formal occasions. Glamermaid has recently introduced glitter press on nails, and we can not get over them. We have rounded up six glitter nails for you that are also handmade. Check them out!

Black Hole Devouring (Handmade)

When we hear the term black hole, we usually think about our universe. These Black Hole Devouring nails also remind us of the black sky and the shining stars. These glitter press on nails have a black base color that makes the glitter pop more. These Glamermaid nails are must-haves and you should get your hands on them.

Thermo/Purple Sunset (Handmade)

These stunning Thermo/Purple Sunset are on fire. The pink and purple base colors give the perfect beachy sunset vibes. The glitter coating also serves as a cherry on top. These Thermo/Purple Sunset press on nails by Glamermaid have such a cool vibe. They can be worn in all formal and casual settings.

Purple Glitter (Handmade)

When in doubt, go for Purple Glitter press on nails. These Glitter nails are so savvy and chic that everyone will be looking at your fingers all day. If you are hitting a club or attending a birthday party, then Purple Glitter press on nails would be the best choice. Buy these Purple Glitter press on nails now!

Ceremony Centre (Handmade)

Do you love golden color? So, do we. These Ceremony Centre press on nails are the perfect golden glitter press on nails to ever exist. These press on nails will shine brighter than any jewelry present in the room. The glitter finishing will make sure you steal all the limelight. The Ceremony Centre press on nails are perfect for all formal occasions. Don’t think and order them now!

Grape Galaxy (Handmade)

Who would have thought that purple glitter nails will become the talk of the town? These Grape Galaxy press on nails by Glamermaid are hard to resist. The color and the glitter coating together make these nails magnificent. You can wear them with a simple outfit to spice up your whole look. The purple color is stunning and eye-catchy, and it will surely remind you of your childhood sour grape candies.

Cat Eye / Devouring Star (Handmade)

Last but certainly everyone’s the most favorite press on nail is the Cat Eye press on nail. These glitter press on nails are quite different from the other glitter nails, as they follow a pattern. The base color is black and there is a shiny blue color in the middle of the nails that makes the nails stand out. Order them now!

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