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Popular Nail Styles in Summer Sale 2022


This summer, we are in the mood for a little of everything, from simple, sheer colors to over-the-top nail styles. So, if you are looking for inspiration for your summer press on nails, Glamermaid is your best friend.

Luckily, there are many options to get inspired by the most popular nail styles in summer sales at Glamermaid. From mushrooms to line design nails and cartoon design nails. Whichever way you are leaning, there is a nail look you will surely love.

Glamermaid is serving up major nail art ideas that also give the impression of a real manicure. Here, we have cherry-picked the popular press on nail styles from Glamermaid's summer sale that will have your manicures covered all season long.

1. Mushroom Styles

Mushrooms are peculiar little things. It's no surprise that they have found their way into our mouths, our decor, and now, even our fingers. Yes, mushroom nail styles are totally a thing now.

●  Colorful Mushrooms

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How could your mood not be lifted in the slightest when looking at this Colorful press on nail? The bright green leaves and mushrooms that are scattered across some of the nails certainly allude to much brighter, sun-filled days — aka summer.

●  Magic Mushrooms

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One look at these incredible colorful cartoon design nails and you'd never guess they were press on nails. Magic Mushrooms are a perfect option when you want to switch things up on the weekend or at a big event. Imagine how pretty red mushrooms would look if you have them on your nails.

●  Wild Mushrooms

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Take your nail art to new heights with this dreamy and fun cartoon design by Glamermaid. This press on nail has a sophisticated but fun feel to it. With a few little flowers and blue mushrooms on some nails and purple butterflies on accent nails, these press on nails will look good as we sip our mushroom tea from our mushroom mug.

2. Line Styles

At this point, line design nails have become a summer staple. Add the nail style of your choosing, or go bare.

●  Meandering Stream

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Feeling a little extra? This Meandering Stream is proof that the line style manicure can be anything but basic. In this design, the black and blue colored lines add an unexpected twist.

●  Casualness

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It is time to play with some colors. Bold, bright shades feel undeniably summery. Just take a look at the variety of colors and see how adorable they look! We’re sure you will be into this mix and match set.

●  Placed Sticks

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Graphic yet simple nail style will be your best friend this summer. Sometimes less is more and still makes a big impact. So with a sheer neutral base and a hint of colorful lines, this Placed Stick press on nail proves that line design nails can be playful, too.

To some, nail styles may be just a fashion choice, but it is also an amazing way to show creativity, self-expression, and make a statement. So, spice up your nail game with these gorgeous Glamermaid's summer press on nails that will make you look and feel like a star! Avail the summer sale before it ends!

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