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Qatar World Cup! Your Favorite Team Needs Your Support!

The FIFA 2022 World Cup started in Qatar this weekend, and now is the best time to support your favorite team. This football world cup will be epic, and people from all around the world will reach Qatar to back up your dearest team. You know you can support your favorite team by wearing world cup press on nails as well.


Glamermaid has introduced world cup nails, so you can wear your favorite team on your nails too. Let’s have a look at the gorgeous world cup press on nails on Glamermaid.

Argentina AFA

Whether you are a Messi fan or an Argentina fan, these Argentina AFA press on nails are for you. These gorgeous press on nails will perfectly match the team’s uniform shirt too. The Argentina AFA press on nails have the Argentinian flag on them, two different AFA logos, and Messi’s number 10. So, get your hands on these football press on nails and support Argentina’s team!

Verde Amarela

Verde Amarela is another press on nail set that surely needs your attention. These football nails are for those people who want to support Brazil in the Qatar World Cup. This design features Brazil's flag, a football design, and a Brazilian player. These nails have a glossy finish, so you can outshine everyone. Wear these adorable Verde Amarela press on nails and spread your magic.

France National

Want France to win FIFA World Cup again this time? If yes, then support it with our France National press on nail designs. These adorable nails feature France nails, numbers 9 and 10, and football hitting the net. They will help you to truly represent France with red, white, and blue colors. These France National world cup nails look utterly gorgeous, so grab them now!

Royal Belgian FA

Want to support Belgium in this world cup? If yes, then Royal Belgian FA nails will help you out. These nails are designed with a Belgium flag, a heart-shaped Belgium flag, a football, and the Royal Belgian FA logo. You will certainly get a lot of attention by wearing these Royal Belgian FA press on nails.

The Red Fury

Glamermaid has also designed press on nails for Spanish football lovers. We simply can not miss the Spanish football fans, so we designed The Red Fury. These press on nails feature Spanish flag colors red and yellow on every nail. This nail design features 2022, heart shapes, and a football design. Order the Red Fury football press on nails now!

Galloping Football

These Galloping football press on nails are for all football lovers. If your country is not in this Qatar FIFA 2022 world cup, then don’t worry you can just enjoy the game as well. This Galloping Football design features footballs on a green background. Not to mention, the black-and-white check French tips look really awesome.


Order your favorite football nails, and support your favorite football team. Glamermaid offers worldwide shipping, so wherever you are order world cup nails.

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