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Simply Apply: Kids Press-on Nails

Some kids love to express themselves and show off their style any chance they can get, whether it’s through their clothes or accessories. Nail art is another great way for them to show some personality, beauty, and creativity. They’ll probably want something fun and bright that features all their favorite colors or, better yet, a design that lets their nails play host to all their favorite characters from books and movies.

However, safety comes first! Because children's skin and nails are still growing, they may be more vulnerable. So you may have to choose a safe and pollution-free press-on nail brand, such as Glamermaid. It is the safest, healthiest, and most stylish manicure option available for kids and adults. Our products are certified by MSDS and SGS and will not harm the nails. They are free of toxins, chemicals, and UV light.

Glamermaid has press-on nails specially designed for children. You can see the poster "KIDS PRESS-ON-SIMPLE APPLY" on the homepage of the website and just click to buy it.

There are so many lovely press-on nail designs for kids on Glamermaid. This list is a roundup of the best designs, and there’s sure to be at least one that will put a smile on your kid’s face.



Little hands look so cute already and when they apply press on nails, that is cherry on the top! These Beatles' press-on nails are so cute and are bound to be the talk of the playground. Such a minimalist style with something simple does make for something so incredibly cute! It’s like having the Beatles at your fingertips!



Kids can't resist marshmallows, right? And they won't be able to resist this Marshmallow nail art, either. It has cute little characters. This press-on nail design is colorful and looks pretty, even on tiny nails. If your little one loves marshmallows, they would be pretty excited to have tiny marshmallows at their fingertips.



What do you get when there is a unicorn with rainbows and flowers on a nail design? This incredibly cute press-on nail set. It seems that a fairy has cast a magical spell on these unicorn fingertips. The kiddos are going to fall head over heels in love with this endearing unicorn nail art, as everything here seems to ooze rainbows.



A bunny nail design like this is another easy winner for kids. This is a fun nail design. It includes a white bunny on two of the nails and then a carrot nail design on the other three nails. How can anyone resist such cute bunnies? These will be a sure hit with your kids.

Lovely World


Which child doesn’t love colorful nails with their favorite cartoon characters? They will love this playful and colorful style. Lovely World will surely brighten up your little one’s day. The special part about this press-on nail design is that each of the nails is unique – you have got a soft pink unicorn on one, a lovely colorful rainbow with a cloud on the other, a cute yellow kitty on the third, a green cactus on the middle finger, and a smiley bomb on the pinky.



Another emoji-filled mani capturing your kid's hearts. They'll love that this one employs a smiley face, a flower, lines, and lots of colors. Glamermaid knows a thing or two about spreading the happiest vibes. With these Jellybeans press-on nails, you can keep the vibe going. This press-on nail has a handful of different nail designs. So cheerful!


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