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Squoval Nail Shape: The Most Flattering Nail Shape


There are 10 different nail shapes, but the most liked one is the Squoval Nail Shape. Squoval is not itself a word, but it has been combined using two different words: Square and Oval. Hence, Squoval nails are a mixture of square and oval nails. These nails are primarily square with rounded edges.

The best thing about Squoval Nails is that they look great on short and long fingers and as well as short and long nails. The part-oval, part-square shape creates a subtle and soft look. This subtle shape works with all colors and designs. Both light and dark colors look great on them.

They also help to keep the nails strong.  The reason is that they don’t have sharp edges and are not easily broken. If you are clumsy and don’t want to worry about the nails, then this nail shape is best for you.

Looking for Squoval Press on Nails? You can get the best designs on Glamermaid. We have rounded up five adorable Squoval Nails for you.

  • Assam Nails

Assam Nails have a very unique and cool design that looks perfect with Squoval Nails. These nails feature a cool brown Cheetah print that looks spectacular whereas the rest of the nails are kept in simple colors. The blue color goes well with the brown color, making the Assam Nails a perfect combination of colors. The Cheetah print looks great on Squoval Nail shape as it helps to give the nails a complete subtle look. They are short in size and have a matte finishing.


  • Christmas Colorful Petal Nails

The Christmas Colorful Petal design on the squoval shape looks amazing. The reason is that the flower design looks delicate on the squoval shape and helps to give hands a perfect soft look. As the name shows, the colorful flowers with red, green, yellow, and blue colors are drawn on the beige background color. They have a medium length and a glossy finish. These nails can be worn even after Christmas.


  • Gloomy Fantasy Nails

The Gloomy Fantasy Nails are inspired by the forest theme. These nails feature a botanical leaf pattern on the white background nail color and simple green color nails. The green leafy pattern complements the squoval nail shape, giving the nails a delicate touch. The botanical leaf pattern looks good with the short nail length and hence Gloomy Fantasy Nails are available in squoval shape. They have a matte finishing and are short in length.


  • Coquette Nails

The Coquette Nails are specifically for those women who want to have a soft yet colorful look. The French tip style complements the squoval nail shape. The small French Nail tips look so exotic in the squoval shape. The basic color used is soft pink color, while the tips are painted with lavender color. The Coquette nails are short in length and have a glossy finish.


  • Christmas Rose Nails

The Christmas Rose Nails look adorable with the Squoval shape. The grid design, along with Christmas Rose and cute Reindeer design, looks perfect on the Squoval nail shape, as the designs are covered perfectly on this type of nail shape. These designs on squoval shape also give them smooth look. Their finishing is matte, and their length is short as well.

These are the top 5 decent Squoval press on nail designs present on the Glamermaid website. We hope that you will love these squoval shape designs. Don’t forget to give them a try!

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