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The Heat Is Skyrocketing: Christmas

We only get to celebrate once a year, so now is the time to add sparkle to your manicure and express yourself. The Christmas nail designs will work for wowing your coworkers at the office party or your family members at dinner—but absolutely no judgment if you wanna spend hours just looking at them while sipping hot cocoa by yourself. Just imagine, every time you look down, an instant smile will come across your face when you see those shiny Christmas press-on nails with fun designs atop trending colors of the season. Raise that well-manicured hand if you’re in!

Keep scrolling to see the most festive press-on nail designs from Glamermaid that will make you feel like the royalty you know you are. These press-on nail designs are all featured Christmas symbols, like snowflakes, Christmas trees, Santa hats, reindeer, and the traditional color of white, green, and red. They are really the perfect choice for your holiday nail art designs.

Christmas Blue Snowflake


Christmas nails don’t just have to be the typical colors of red, green, white, and gold. A pretty, icy blue can do the trick just as easily! This Christmas Blue Snowflakes press-on nail design high key makes you want to cozy up by fire from now till January. Doesn't it bring to mind icy mornings and winter skies? If this is the case, you should def try this pretty light blue manicure.

Christmas Candy


Bring a lively festive cheer right on your hands with this Christmas Candy press-on nail design. The good news is with this Christmas nail art; you don’t have to pick a favorite! Wear all of the things at once. These magical press-on nails will have you going from drab to fab in minutes.

Christmas Tree


Christmas is the time of year to choose nail art that is festive and fun; what could be more so than a Christmas tree design? Christmas trees can brighten your home and fill you with joy, and the same concept can apply to your nail art. Christmas trees are a guaranteed way to spread joy and love over Christmas. This cute, festive Christmas Tree nail art will bring a smile to your face and draw attention to your nails.

Christmas Lovely Deer


Kids at heart will love this reindeer-inspired piece that’s still chic and pretty. Moreover, red and white are obviously the perfect nail colors for Christmas, but guess what? They work for winter too, and these beautiful red stripes, combined with this design of a reindeer in a Santa hat, will for sure get you into a cozy holiday spirit.

Christmas Windmill


This Christmas nail design actually looks like a work of art on your fingers. With red, green, and white colors, this press-on nail design gives off a windmill vibe. This color trio looks clean, subtle, and chic. Definitely a win for any occasion.

Christmas Gingerbread Man


This gingerbread manicure is the sweetest nail art you can get for the Christmas holidays. It looks good enough to eat, but there are better ways to get your calcium. This adorable little ginger won’t run away from you – we promise! This press-on nail features a black nail, a snowflake, and a windmill with gingerbread on two nails.

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