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The Theme for Halloween Is Black

The countdown to Halloween begins now, so it’s time to start thinking about your Halloween nail art! When it comes to Halloween nails, the darker, the better. Black Halloween nails seem to be the go-to color to celebrate the Halloween season. One may agree that this kind of manicure was born for Halloween. Either because of the secret it holds under its darkness or of its initial association with these spooky creatures. No matter what, it steals the hearts of every girl each Halloween, and this year is no exception.

Nothing screams dark, moody, and a little bit scary, like black nails. From black nails dripping with red blood to black spiderwebs over dark jelly gel polish, we can't get enough of super dark, super spooky Halloween nails.

The final touch is actually wearing a costume with a nail design to match. Going as a cat? Buy an animal print manicure. Wearing a witch hat? Choose a skull theme for your nail art manicure. Whether you’re attending a Halloween party or just going trick or treating, adding that special little touch to your nails will make the whole event even more fun.

From pumpkins to ghosts, spider webs to skulls, Glamermaid got the best Black Halloween nails for you to try. Some of them are as follows:

Ghost Celebration


Ghost Celebration is an understated press-on nail that definitely lightens the mood of the dark holiday. It features two simple shiny black nails. They give a little more festive look with pumpkins, friendly ghosts, and bats on three for a balanced minimalistic aesthetic.

Moon And Snake


Make your nails come to life with Glamermaid’s Moon And Snake press-on nail design. Featuring slithering snakes, the moon, and stars with french tips, this press-on nail is a fun way to embrace the spooky season.

Cat Team


Add a little whimsy to your Halloween costume with these cute Halloween nails. Have 12 cats on your nails so that their eyes can watch over you while you are walking alone on the autumn boulevard collecting candies. This is the true cat’s meow of Halloween designs.



Do not let the spiderweb hang silently in the corner of your house. Let’s take them with you to the party! If you are a superhero lover, then you must consider Spiderman press-on nail design. It gives too much of a Venom vibe. Halloween is probably the only time you will ever see anything related to Spiders on nails. Enjoy being a Spider-man lover.

Say Hi


No bones about it; this press-on nail is to die for. These glossy black nails with cute little skeletons on them will have you looking at getting ghosted in a whole new light. It also keeps the good vibes going with flying ghosts and a few shimmery lines for a playful look.

Christmas Pendant


Christmas Pendant press-on nail design will go perfectly with a witch costume. These may not be the creepiest or the kookiest nails on this list, but with these press-on nails, you’ll blind others with such beauty. These mystical and witchy designs are truly magical.

White And Black


Animal costumes are classic — why not unleash your wild side with matching animal print nails? These White And Black press-on nail designs are perfect for a cat costume. They're not too loud or intricate, but they look chic for a Halloween party.

What a sinister collection of press-on nails! Do you dare wear them on Halloween night? If you do, beware of the spell that may make you fall in love with them…forever. These nails are wickedly mesmerizing. The list will definitely be useful for everyone who is looking for a design that will help them celebrate Halloween in their own style.

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