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Want More Press-On Nails Information? Join Our Facebook Group!


Glamermaid is a press-on nail manicure brand that brings salon-quality beauty products to your home. It also has put together a great Facebook Group. Most notably, its cover photo features the designs of the press-on nails it sells, and even more, the image reflects the founder’s mission: To create “color-inclusive press-on nails to match you & all your favorite outfits.” It is a private group — meaning members need to request to be a part of it.


Glamermaid encourages new members of the Facebook Group to introduce themselves upon entry. This fosters a sense of community, trust, and belonging the moment one enters. That warm welcome leads to more introductions among other members of the Facebook Group and conversations about press-on nail designs and styles.

The atmosphere is supportive, positive, and fun, and you are sure to enjoy scrolling through the posts. This just highlights the fact that Glamermaid isn't using the nail community for promotional reasons but rather as a place where the nail community members can communicate, collaborate, and encourage each other.

The way that this group is set up encourages a sense of community among members and users as well as offers a space for them to provide honest feedback and insights about the product in the discussion. Beginners looking to learn about manicures and pedicures, and relevant products can get some mind-blowing insights. Share your learnings with fellow mates and receive honest feedback and appreciation.

It is a judgment-free space where you can be yourself and share your heart. It is a women-only group where they seem to live their freedom. Women do not need to wear a mask and pretend to be someone they’re not. Instead, they are encouraged to be themselves and love themselves more with every passing day.

The group members have the unique quality of having to find an infinite number of ways to feature a gorgeous collection of press-on nail designs. Hence, Glamermaid's social media content stays fresh and interesting. The key to this Facebook Group's success? A wide variety of interesting visual content. ‎‎It also serves as a hub where the members and users can learn about Glamermaid's latest announcements, sales and discounts, and product updates.

Glamermaids' Facebook group is where the nail community can learn how to take advantage of the product and its many features and tools. Within the Group, the members are notified of the most recent product updates and tips and can discuss any topic related to press-on nail designs.

Glamermaid rocks Facebook. Its Facebook group prioritizes the things it knows members care about most when visiting Facebook: tutorials, live streams, discounts, and sales. At every turn, it gives members the chance to get Glamermaids products at a discount. Glamermaid is known for great customer service, and it keeps that reputation going on its Facebook Group.

If you are a nail lover, Glamermaid’s Facebook group is a handy place to get any and all of your questions answered by other members. This group is certainly going to make things easier for you! Show your talent, express your concerns, or recommend stuff to others in the group. Or just simply have fun!

Come flaunt your lovely hands and toes, glammed-up pictures, beautiful press-on designs, and so much more in this Facebook group. Explore the latest press-on nail designs and ring options and share some amazing tips and hacks or get inspired by others. Inhale some positivity and exhale all the negativity while you scroll through the posts of this Facebook group.

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