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Which Of These 3D Designs Is Your Favorite?


Nail art is trendy right now, and 3D nail art, in which you add ornaments to your fingernails, takes it to the next level. In this modern era, the 3D trend is on top, not only in movies, animations, tattoos, and paintings. The evolution of nail art has had a significant effect on feminine fashion.


Press-on nail designs are the upbringing of the nail fashion industry, providing you with multiple trends, including 3D nails. Press-on nails are an inspiration to get new nail art while being at home in less time, more affordable, convenient, easier to remove, and also beneficial for the healthiness of your nails. These press-on nails are available in different colors, shapes, and art. This 3D trend takes the usual nail art to a new level by incorporating gems, rhinestones, petals, flowers, pearls, bows, hearts, and other fun ornaments that freshen up your look.

Glamermaid came up with the idea of introducing press-on nails in various nail art designs and 3D art nails. Here you'll be knowing the 3D nails Glamermaid is offering you and what will become your favorites from these.

Silver Sand

In the summertime, this 3D art gets high demand. Glamermaid" s Silver Sand press-on nail will be the perfect choice for you. You'll adore its elegant and soft look with a pinch of green hues. It is available in a square shape. Using pearl accents with a featured nail of glitter will keep your day bright.

Elegant Pink

The pink color is always considered lively, sweet, and nostalgic. This masterpiece, Elegant Pink press-on nails will give you a decent yet stylish look. It features different sizes of pearls, and a bow looks super cute. This will be your go-to manicure design if you want to impress someone with your style.

Black Pearl

Black color represents boldness, hardiness, and control. Whereas Black Pearls are rare to find and exotic to wear. This nail art is for those people who enjoy darker shades. It will go with every outfit you wear. These nail art are handmade. If you want to portray yourself as strong-willed and exquisite, get yourself done with it.

Spooky Eye

There's no better time to give your nails a festive twist by embracing new styles and bold colors. This Glamermaid 3D nail art is all set to burn your cocktail parties. Your Spooky Eyes press-on nail will make your presence stand out in a crowd. This nail art is provided in coffin-shaped nails.

Christmas Snowing Night

These funky-colored 3D nails are perfect for your Christmas eve. Its magical snowy look is screaming loud that the holiday is approaching. Glamermaid's Christmas 3D nail art collection ensures you can decorate your fingertips for Christmas.

Christmas Garland

Glamermaid celebrates Christmas decorations and preparations as a symbol of their 3D Christmas nail art collection. These press-on nails are perfect for busy schedules of Christmas preparations. They are easy to go on while setting up a Christmas tree, garland, and Santa.

Horror Scream

At your Costume party, these wild and fiery nails will suit your haunted look. Owl and ghost-shaped stones embrace its bloody horror property. Wear these Glamermaid's Horror Scream press-on nails, put on your ghost mask, and be ready to scare everybody.

Nail art is a creative way to showcase your personality. It identifies your matured fashion sense. Make sure to choose wisely.


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