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Winter is coming: Enjoy your winter style!

The fall season is about to end, and the winter season is coming. This means that you can now have a great winter manicure design on your hands. Your hands need more care and love during the winter season. Pamper your hands with a relaxing manicure and Glamermaid’s press on nails this winter. You should try out our superb winter press on nail designs. We are sure you will love them!


Here is one of the best winter press on nail styles that you can try this season. You should have a look at them!

Milk Chocolate

Winter season is incomplete without mentioning the Hot Chocolate. Everyone loves to drink hot chocolate in winter as it helps to keep warm. The dark chocolate color is loved by most people as well. Glamermaid has introduced the Milk Chocolate design for you, so you can remember the warmth of Hot Chocolate. The Brown and white cream color will also remind you of Mik Chocolates. Have these press on nail designs on your nails, and gather all the attention!


These adorable Fruitful press on nails are the best choice to wear in the winter season. Orange is the fruit of the winter, and these press on nails can easily depict it. The gorgeous orange color, along with white flowers, and dark green leaves will make you fall in love with winter all over again. Wear the Fruitful Press on nail design to make a fashion statement. We are sure people will love your winter nails!

Crimson Mist

These marvelous Chrimson press on nail design will give you all the love you need. The red and white colors look really marvelous. Not to mention, the fine glitter finish will capture everyone’s attention. The red crescent design and the two dots design will make your hands look the absolute best. Get your hands on these awesome Chrimson press on nails now!

Golden Leaf

Are you still finding your favorite winter nail designs? If yes, then I believe this Golden Leaf design will suffice all your needs. The color combination itself is so gorgeous. This includes black, golden, cream, and orange colors. The golden leaf design on the black base color and the black leaf design on the cream base color look utterly amazing. Get your hands on the Glamermaid’s Golden Leaf press on nail design now!

Disco Stage

Who says you can not wear shiny and bright nail colors in winter? The winter season is already gloomy and sad, and we need more bright colors in our life. This Disco Stage press on nail design will make your depressing winter days, happier with their charm. These press on nails are handmade, so they are long-lasting and can be worn multiple times. You can wear the Disco Press on nails on all occasions, so don’t worry, and add them to your cart now!


We hope that you loved the collection of Glamermaid winter nails. Want to look more at it? If yes, then click here to look at all the winter nails at Glamermaid.

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