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Hi, my name is Sheila L. Howroyd, 25 years old, just graduated from University. I started planning my personal Press on Nail brand when I was 19 while I was surrounded by many friends who could not afford to spend hundreds of dollars in nail salons every week or two to dressing up their finger tips and keeping up with their fashion sense. By chance, I tried press on nails out, and to my surprise, they fitted great and have wonderful hand feeling! I immediately fell in love with these little newly-developing pieces.

Glamermaid' Story

To save beauty lovers around the world from a two-hours sitting and hundreds of dollars of expensive manicures, my partners and I created the "Glamermaid" press on nails brand. For only a few minutes, you will own many fabulous manicures with nonredundant styles. This is what Glamermaid is all about.

Our Story

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Our Story

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OUR ambition

With Glamermaid, you can get many and many unique & amazing manicures at a moderate price. They can match your daily dress, different occasions such as party, wedding, work and so on. Furthermore, you can change your nail styles anytime and anywhere! The mission of Glamermaid is to keep you on your way to being trendy, so you can express your style without any hesitation!
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