5-Pack Solid Color Almond Matte Nail Set|Manicure |Black|Red|Pink|Purple|medium|solid|Set – Glamermaid Glam

Kids' Nail Set (4 Packs)

$23.96 $16.99
Kids' Nail Set (4 Packs)


GLAMERMAID —— Kids' Nail Set (4 Packs)

-4 Products Total Worth $23.96 Now Only $16.99

-Including Products:

  Jellybeans: short length, round shape, colorful, cartoon style, glossy finish

  Marshmallow: short length, round shape, colorful, cartoon style, glossy finish

  Cute crooked goose: short length, round shape, colorful, cartoon style, glossy finish

  Happiness: short length, round shape, colorful, cartoon style, glossy finish

-Each pack of nails Included:

-24 pcs press on nails in 12 different sizes
-2 sheets (48 pcs) Adhesive tap

-1 nail file


Step1: Wash hands with soap and water to make sure your natural nails are free of oils and residue. And that the nail bed is completely dry before application.

Step2: Select press-on nail size for each finger. For optimal fit, the press-on nail should not exceed past the nail bed onto skin or cuticles.

Step3: Paste the adhesive to the inside of the nail piece, remove the protective film.

Step4: Fit the nail piece and press for 15 seconds (Do not contact with water in 1 hours after finishing).


Step1: Soak nails into warm water for several minutes to soften the glue bond.

Step2: Use a small wooden stick to gently tilt out the gap between the nail bed and the fake nail. ( Do not force pull fake nails off )

Step3:  Gently pry the fake nail repeatedly with a small wooden stick until the whole fake nail falls off.


Flexible and lightweight for comfortable wear
Easy to apply and remove

 Toys that are good for children and help them develop an aesthetic sense.

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