Be sure not to miss the Glamermaid Anniversary Sale – Glamermaid Glam

Be sure not to miss the Glamermaid Anniversary Sale


    Calling all nail art enthusiasts and Glamermaid supporters! It's time to dive into an ocean of beauty and savings as we celebrate the Glamermaid Anniversary Sale. We can't believe how quickly time has flown by, and we owe our success to our incredible customers who have made this journey truly enchanting. As a token of our appreciation, we're offering an irresistible sale that you won't want to miss. Get ready to be captivated by some stunning nail designs that will make your fingertips shine like never before.


Mauve Serenade

   The Mauve Serenade is the epitome of elegance and charm, combining the regal beauty of purple with the timeless sparkle of diamonds. The Manicure features a luscious purple base adorned with delicate heart-shaped diamonds. Symbolizing royalty, creativity, and sophistication, this rich and mesmerizing color choice adds a touch of luxury to your nails. These glistening gemstones dance gracefully on your nails, reflecting light and exuding a sense of romance and glamour. The combination of purple and diamonds creates a nail art experience that is both regal and enchanting, perfect for special occasions or adding a touch of opulence to your everyday style. This design is a celebration of femininity and elegance, a tribute to the inner strength and beauty of every individual.


White Rose

    Prepare to be enchanted by our mesmerizing White Rose Manicure. At the heart of this enchanting manicure is the captivating combination of rose and white backgrounds. The soft and delicate rose hue exudes romance and femininity, while the pristine white adds a touch of purity and sophistication. Together, they create a harmonious and beautiful canvas for your nails. The Enchanting Rose and White Background Manicure features intricate designs and patterns that further elevate its allure. This design is perfect for a wide range of occasions, from weddings and special events to everyday elegance.It complements any outfit and adds a touch of grace and refinement to your overall look.

Colorful Kitties

    Indulge in a world of whimsy and charm with our Colorful Kitties Manicure. At the heart of this enchanting manicure are the adorable Colorful Kitties elements. Tiny and colorful cat motifs, including playful whiskers and tiny meowing faces, adorn the nails, bringing a sense of joy and cuteness to your fingertips. Each kitty is handcrafted with precision and love, ensuring that no two nails are alike. The playful Colorful Kitties Manicure features a vibrant and diverse color palette, allowing you to express your creativity and personal style. From pastel hues reminiscent of fluffy kittens to bold and bright colors that evoke the playful energy of frisky felines, the options are endless.


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