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Fashion Trend: Mirror Powder Design Press-On Nail


Mirror powder design press-on nails have surely taken the fashion world by storm as they look unique and quite stunning. The Mirror Powder press-on nail looks like a translucent glass that has an enormous amount of shine that reflects light. This type of press-on nail design is available in simple colors and also with nail art designs.

Glamermaid has introduced a wide range of Mirror Powder press-on nails for its customers as they are trendy and stylish. Here are some of the gorgeous Mirror Powder design press-on nails for you:

Primitive Totem

Primitive Totem press-on nails are an exquisite and bold take on nail art, that draws inspiration from ancient symbolism and mystic elements. These stylish nails feature intricate designs of eyes, snakes, gloves, and diamonds, all meticulously placed against a crisp white mirror powder background. The black stars are also scattered throughout the white background to further elevate the design. Don’t think twice and add Primitive Totem press-on nails to your cart now!!

Water Galaxy

Water Galaxy press-on nails are inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of the soothing tranquility of water. These nails feature a light green mirror-like design that transports you to a serene, otherworldly realm. The water galaxy nails create a calming effect that reflects the light and will make your hands look prettier. Whether you are dressing up for a special occasion or want to add a touch of elegance to your everyday look, the Water Galaxy press-on nails are sure to make an impression. If you also love them, then order them now!!

Disco Stage

Disco Stage press-on nails have a dazzling and vibrant vibe. These press-on nails are inspired by the electrifying energy and glamour of the disco era. The striking purple mirror-like design shows excitement and style. These nails are not only fun to wear, but they also look really cool. If you are not afraid to embrace your inner diva, then these Disco Stage press-on nails will help you to make a statement. You can wear the Disco stage press-on nails if you are going to a concert, a night party, a wedding, or to any special event. The Glamermaid’s Disco Stage press-on nails will surely make you feel like the star of the show.

Interstellar Powder

Interstellar Powder press-on nails are not only mesmerizing but they also look very sophisticated. These nails are inspired by the infinite vastness and mystery of outer space showing that there are also many other worlds out there.

The Interstellar Powder nails feature a captivating black mirror-like design that looks deep like a universe. The black color depicts the endless night sky, evoking a sense of wonder and intrigue. The mirror-like finish to the nails feels like an element of luxury and depth, reflecting light in a way that mimics the twinkling of distant stars. Make a long-lasting impression with these captivating Interstellar Powder press-on nail designs. Buy them now!!

We hope that you liked all the mirror Powder press-on nail designs by Glamermaid. To look at more designs, click here.

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