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Glam Up Your Halloween Look with Glamermaid's Press-On Nails


The Halloween countdown continues, and Glamermaid is back with more spellbinding Halloween Press-On Nails. In this post, we'll unveil four more captivating designs to elevate your Halloween style. From eerie landscapes to adorable pumpkins, we've got nails that suit every Halloween mood.


Get ready to be transported to an eerie landscape with our Graveyard Halloween Press-On Nails. These nails feature spooky scenes of haunted forests, abandoned graveyards, and ghostly apparitions. Perfect for those who love a good scare and appreciate the artistry of Halloween.

Flying Bats

Embrace the night with our Flying Bats Halloween Press-On Nails. These nails are adorned with intricate bat designs set against a midnight purple backdrop. Whether you're going for a vampy vampire look or simply love these nocturnal creatures, these nails are a must-have.

Pumpkin Elf

For a touch of Halloween whimsy, our Pumpkin Elf Press-On Nails are the ideal choice. These nails feature cute and cheeky pumpkin designs that bring a smile to your face. They're perfect for a more light-hearted Halloween look, suitable for all ages.

Naughty Wisps

Wrap your nails in mystery with our Naughty Wisps Halloween Press-On Nails. These nails feature mischievous ghostdesigns over a white-colored base. Perfect for those who appreciate the enigmatic side of Halloween and want a look that's sure to spark conversations.

With Glamermaid's Halloween Press-On Nails, you have an array of designs to choose from, whether you're aiming for spooky, whimsical, or elegant. These nails are not just accessories; they're a statement of your Halloween spirit.

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