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Nature Lovers: The Mushroom Theme


Mushrooms are peculiar little things. If you're a mushroom lover, you must be fascinated by these strange little things. The mushrooms look so adorable, and the colors of the mushrooms are so stunning! Imagine how pretty it would look if you have the same mushrooms on your nails. Yes! Mushroom nails are totally a thing now.


Glamermaid has all kinds of mushroom nail designs to try in your next mani! Be sure to place these stunning press-on nail designs at the top of your list ahead of your next purchase.

Exotic World

If you want mushrooms to make you think about quantum physics, these spacey press-on nails are for you. These will look good as you sip your mushroom tea from your mushroom mug. But draw the line at mushroom coffee. Some things are still sacred. If you want to go over the top, this Exotic World press-on nail design is the best option.

Bedtime Story

How could your mood not be lifted in the slightest when looking at this press-on nail design? These mushroom nails are dreamier than your dreams last night. This nail art for the week can put a huge smile on your face. Bedtime Story press-on nail is undoubtedly another way to add some subtle sheen to your mani without overdoing it.

Modern Painting

Turn your nails into a monochrome, walking art gallery with this press-on nail design. White and black nail designs are so graphic and cool, especially when paired with something traditionally feminine like Mushrooms. Modern Painting press-on nail design has a sophisticated but fun feel to it. These press-on nails are gorgeous and especially perfect for wearing to a party or any fancy occasion. The luxe, matte finish gives this look something undeniably special. Just looking at this monochrome situation makes you feel calmer.

Leaf Mushroom

Those who believe that their fates rest in the stars should totally get behind this press-on nail design. Everyone fancies some starry style now and then, and this cheerful press-on nail design puts it at your fingertips. You will be smitten with its subtle starry style. Note that the cherry-red mushrooms make the starry design stand out even more, which you will surely love. Give your nails a subtly chic twinkling effect with this Leaf Mushroom press-on nails.

Dark Eye

These Mushroom nails are the perfect accessories for a fun manicure. Add some extra pairs of watchful eyes to your nails. These eyes certainly look pretty small. This festive red and black manicure isn't just perfect for the holiday season. Wear this Dark Eye design any time of year and you are bound to get compliments.

Colorful Mushrooms

Mushrooms aren't that fun to deal with when they take over your backyard, but they sure as hell make for great nail art. Take your plant nails to the beaches of the tropics — well, just imagine, at least — with this vibrant tropical-themed press-on nail. Just get a set of these enchanting plant nails and you’re officially part fairy or forest nymph, whatever you choose! These Colorful Mushrooms press-on nails could win over the most plant-averse person.

Mushroom Lover

Beautiful, bright red mushrooms. Not sure you want to eat those unless tripping is your thing. The bright red mushrooms that are scattered across some of the nails certainly elude much brighter days. Moreover, it has an edgy red design which proves that the French manicure can be anything but basic.


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