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Press On Nail Tools and How to Use Them


There is nothing worse than trying to give yourself a manicure but not having the right tools to do so. The way you take care of your fingernails and toenails is a tell-tale sign of your overall appearance. Having proper manicure tools on hand will keep your hands and feet looking gorgeous whenever you want to give yourself a manicure or pedicure. Here are the Glamermaid manicure tools you absolutely need and a proper guide on when to use them and how to use them.

●  Nail File and Buffer

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It is one of the most popular nail care tools that every nail lover possesses. This tool gently grinds down the edges of your press on nails. It will benefit you in making your press on nail smoother and helping you in shaping them. They have two sides, one rough and one fine. Your Glamermaid kit often comes with at least one nail file and buffer. You can use them to file your natural nails before the application, and press on nails after the application.

How to use: Before you begin, ensure your nails are dry because wet nails split more easily. Hold the file at a 45-degree angle, parallel to the sides of your nails. Start at one corner and move to the center of your press on nail. Apply less pressure and file the nails in only one direction for a smooth finish.

●  Nail Glue

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When doing manicures at home with press on nails, you're going to need some good nail glue. Glamermaid's nail glue comes with a brush applicator. You can apply nail glue if you want to keep your press on nails for a longer period, and you do not want to worry about your press-on nails falling off.  This glue will keep your press on nails in place for weeks. 

How to use: Put a dot of nail glue on the press-on nail and one on the real nail. Try to avoid over-gluing. Just note that a little goes a long way, and you only need a thin layer to adhere to your press-on nails.

●  Cuticle Trimmer

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A cuticle trimmer is a basic manicure and pedicure tool used to push the clear cuticle skin away from your nails towards your nail roots. This makes your nails appear longer and smoother as well as assists them in growing healthier and stronger.

As suggested by the professionals, one of the best times to use a cuticle pusher on your nails is straight after a hot shower or bath. This is considered the best time because it is during this time that your skin is soft and easy to push back. 

How to use: Take your cuticle trimmer and gently push the cuticle and skin around the base of your nail.

●  Nail Glue Debonder

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Glamermaid's Nail glue debonder is a solution that makes it easier to remove your press on nails by softening the adhesive. You can apply it on adhesive tabs or glue. 

How to use: Apply a moderate amount of nail glue debonder on the gap between the nail bed and press on nail, wait for several minutes, and when the glue softens, then gently peel off the press on nail.

●  Nail Prep Oil Remover 

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Last but not least: Nail prep oil remover. After all, is said and done, there are a lot of harsh tools and products we use on our hands and feet when we do a manicure. Adding moisture back into our cuticles helps in creating a stronger, better adhesive nail base for press on nail application. 

How to use: Use Glamermaid's nail prep oil remover at the very end of your manicure before applying press-on nails. Dot a small bit onto each cuticle, rub it in, and that's it!

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