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The Most Popular Color in The Second Half of 2022: Red


Going for a bright color for your next manicure is one of the easy ways to go epic and feel the 2022 vibe. One of the most 2022 popular colors is red. This color is especially popular in the month of February because of Valentine’s day. But really, there is no reason you can’t have red nails when you want. Red nails have always been a little sassy and scandalous in a good way.

Want to rock the red nail trend? Say hello to Glamermaid— the perfect gateway into red hues on your fingertips. There are different red shades of press-on nails available on Glamermaid that are gorgeous and also make you come out super hot. Whether you want to wear red as bold for your next mani or if you are not a fan of vibrant and want to stick to a dark shade we have got you covered for all kinds of red tones press-on nails.

So, check out the best Glamermaid’s red press-on nail designs this year, and start your year with more bold fashion.



A bright, shiny, luscious red nail press-on nail is all you need in your vanity. This Crimson press-on nail by Glamermaid will give you the confidence to flaunt your hands and make a bold style statement. It has more of a berry red color.

Classic Red


Red nails look great with any finish, from satin to glitter and high-shine. However, a matte red nail gives your manicure a modern twist. This classic cherry red will be your favorite press-on nail option at the Glamermaid. The Classic Red press-on nail has a matte finish that also adds richness to the color and draws attention to your nails because it’s unusual.

Shining Ruby


Sparkling red nails may look a bit over-the-top, but if you want people to talk to your hand, this is the best way to do that. You will surely want to have a set of Glamermaid's Shining Ruby press-on nails after just one glance. These glittery red nails are perfect for a night at the club or if you are just going dancing with your girlfriends at the disc.

Heartbreak Process


An unusual color combination for your 2022 manicure is red and pastel. Glamermaid's Heartbreak Process is the perfect example of it. It has a coral red feature nail, while the rest of the nails are within the pink pastel family. It’s one of those unique colors that’s a combo of a few different hues—in this case, pink, coral, and red—so it always looks a little different, depending on the light and who is wearing it. The pop of bold, saturated color will draw attention and give a simple manicure a striking and unexpected look.

Red Rose


The contrast between bold, passionate red, and pretty pink makes for the ultimate feminine and romantic manicure. Show your romantic side with red and pink floral nails. Red Rose press-on nail style features cute and sweet floral nails. This press-on nail has a different pattern on every nail. It is perfect for a date night or special occasion. So embrace this trend with this press-on nail design.

Bloody Snow


There is nothing like a true blood-red nail press-on nail that inspires you with a little extra confidence. When you want a red with a little bit of glimmer, opt for this Bloody Snow press-on nail from Glamermaid.  It’s chic and sophisticated, providing a subtle metallic sheen that's not overly sparkly.

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