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Trending Press-On Nail Styles: What's Hot for Summer 2023


The warm and sunny months of Summer 2023 are just close by. Hence, it is time to explore the latest and most sought-after press-on nail trends that will elevate your style to new heights. Glamermaid has introduced the summer season's most captivating designs and vibrant colors.

This summer, you will see vibrant green leaves everywhere. Here are some of the trending press-on nail styles for Summer 2023. Have a look at them! 

Botanical Garden

Introducing the enchanting Botanical Garden press-on nails, a stunning set inspired by the lush and vibrant beauty of tropical rainforests. These captivating press-on nails perfectly capture the essence of summer with their exquisite leaf designs, featuring rich green hues that evoke the lushness of nature's most thriving ecosystems. Adding a touch of exotic charm, Macaw parrots are gracefully perched on the leaves, showcasing their vivid plumage and enhancing the overall design. Make a lasting impression with Glamermaid’s Botanical Garden press-on nails.

Mossy Marvel

Glamermaid’s sultry Mossy Marvel press-on nails are a captivating set inspired by the serene and lush beauty of nature. These mesmerizing press-on nails showcase an exquisite ombre green effect, with hues gracefully transitioning from a deep, rich tone to a lighter, more delicate shade. Adding an unexpected twist, the tips of the nails feature an opposite green ombre effect, creating a harmonious balance and a visually striking design. The Mossy Marvel press-on nails are perfect nails for summer 2023. Don’t wait and add them to your cart now!

Everything Revives

The Everything Revives press-on nails are an alluring set inspired by the essence of nature. These press-on nails feature a tasteful nude background adorned with delicate dark green leaves and playful sparrows Adding a touch of vibrant contrast, one of the nails boasts a full, rich green hue, further enhancing the overall aesthetic. The Everything Revives press-on nail colors are perfect for hot summer days. You can wear them daily with all your casual outfits. Buy them now!

Revive Plants

The refreshing Revive Plants press-on nails are a captivating set inspired by the greenery. These charming press-on nails showcase a harmonious blend of light green and white hues, creating a soothing and natural aesthetic. Two of the nails boast a delicate light green color, while the remaining nails feature a crisp white background adorned with an array of vibrant green leaves, evoking a sense of growth and vitality. The Revive Plants press-on nails will surely make your dull days exciting. Wear these gorgeous nails by Glamermaid while running errands or going to the office. 

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