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We Know You Like Animals of All Kinds!!


Animal-themed press-on nails are never out of fashion. They are a fun way to express one's love for animals and nature. The animal press-on nails also are a great conversation starter and help to capture everyone’s attention.

Glamermaid has introduced some cute animal press-on nail designs that will not only make your day but also of strangers. Check out our collection!!

Butterfly Flies

Butterfly Flies press-on nails feature a combination of white and nude base colors, with a green butterfly design on the nude nails. The white nails likely provide a clean, minimalist contrast to the more intricate butterfly design, while the nude color gives a natural, understated look to the nails. The green butterfly design is likely the standout feature of the nails, with intricate details and vibrant colors to create a striking visual effect.

Overall, the combination of white, nude, and green colors, along with the butterfly design, creates a unique and eye-catching look for these press-on nails. They are sure to attract compliments from butterfly design lovers.

Penguin Family

The Penguin Family press-on nails have a nude color base, which provides a natural and subtle look to the nails. The standout feature of these nails is the penguin design, which is likely featured on two of the nails.

The penguins look really cute and playful, with bold black and white colors to create a striking contrast against the nude base. The Penguin Family press on nails will be liked by both adults and children.

Bird Habitat

Glamermaid’s Bird Habitat press-on nails have a natural and understated look. Two of the nails are black, which adds a touch of contrast and boldness to the design. The three remaining nails on the set feature a design of branches without leaves and red sparrows. The red sparrows are likely to be the standout feature of the design, adding a pop of color against the neutral background.

The Bird Habitat press-on nails will surely attract the attention of those who appreciate beautiful and nature-inspired nail designs.

Cat Team

The Cat Team press-on nails have an off-white background, which creates a clean and simple look. Whereas, the blueish-grey cat design on them looks super cool. The cat's eyes are eye-catching and are the only visible feature of the cat. These cute cats will surely melt everyone’s heart so don’t forget to wear them wherever you go!

Zebra Prince

The Zebra Prince press-on nails feature a bold design with a combination of dark blue solid colors and a zebra on a pink background. Two of the nails have dark blue colors whereas three of them are pink with a Zebra print. These Zibra Prince press-on nails by Glamermaid look really cute and adorable. Whether you are going to a birthday party, or a casual date, we are sure these Zebra Prince press-on nails will really create an impression!

Glamermaid’s Animal press-on nails collection is not only adorable but also very stylish. If you are looking for more animal press-on nail designs then click here!

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