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5 Different Types of Coatings of Glamermaid’s Press on Nails


No woman on earth can deny that Press on nails have made lives easier. If you are not foreign to the idea of press on nails, then you also know that they come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and coats. Yes, you can also choose the type of coating you want on your press on nails. Different types of nail coats can be chosen for different types of occasions or for personal choices. You can just choose the coat you love. There is no restriction on that!

Here are 5 different types of coatings that Glamermaid Press on Nails offer. Have a look at them!


Glossy coats are literally perfect for every occasion. You can wear them anytime and anywhere. You can never have a dull moment when you are wearing glossy nails.

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If you are looking for a glossy coat, then Transparent Butterflies press on nails would be a great choice. The adorable pink butterflies on a black background and a glossy finish will certainly take you to the fairyland.


Matte finishing is usually for professional settings, but just like glossy nails, they can also be worn anywhere and everywhere. Matte coating provides decent yet stunning looks.

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The Surviving Plants press on nails at the Glamermaid have an incredible design that will only look good with the matte finishing. Opt these nails and let your nail do the talking.


Twinkle finishing is made for women who love to shine and stand out from everyone. The twinkle finishing is excellent for parties and when you are hitting the club. In twinkle finishing, the tiny grains of glitter make the nails look so magical.

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Bloody Earth press on nails by Glamermaid feature a blood red color and twinkle finishing. Wear these nails and draw everyone’s attention.


Glitter finishing is for women who love to have shiny nails. The glitter finishing has larger grains of glitter than the twinkle finishing, making the nails look shinier.  The best thing about glitter nails is they look gorgeous and catch everyone’s attention.

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The Grape Galaxy press on nails look spectacular. The glitters on the nails not only make the wearer look fun-loving but also make the hands look prettier. Get your hands on these gorgeous press on nails now.

Fine Glitter

Fine glitter finishing reflects more light and hence they steal all the limelight. The press on nails with fine glitter finishing will surely look phenomenal. Glamermaid has a great variety of press on nails that have fine glitter finish.

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The Glamermaid Star Fingertips press on nails have a remarkable design. The tips are in light blue color while the base is of nude color. Not to mention that the stars and fine glitter finish make the nails look astounding. Wear them and look stupendous!

We hope that you have got the idea that Glamermaid offers 5 different nail coatings. If you are fan of a specific coat, you can search them up on our website by entering the name of one of the five coatings in the search bar. You will see all the press on nails having that finish. Happy Shopping!

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