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If there’s one beauty category that’s really stepped up its game in recent years, it’s definitely press on nails. Hearing the term “press on nails,” you might think of the French tips we all used to score in middle school, but you’ll be amazed to see the range of designs brands offer now.

For this reason, Glamermaid has come up with a brand-new pursuit; A back to school sale. You will discover different categories inside of it, and each one of those categories has amazing press on nail designs and patterns.

Whether you’re longing for that simple French tip, bold nail colors, or the latest trendy nail art, there’s a press on nail option for it all. Check out all the best press on nail designs on Glamermaid’s Back to school sale below.

1.  Lets Go Party

If you are looking forward to a party or a formal dinner, this is the perfect category to look for aesthetic nail art. Let’s be honest, having a fresh set of party nails just changes your whole vibe and sometimes attitude.

●  Dark Night Leaves

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Dark black hue nails are a given for a party. Glamermaid’s Dark Night Leaves is such a beautiful nail style from the Let's Go Party category. It features soft, and cute tone color leaves with pink and blue.  If you want a fun look for your nails, then this is a nice press on nail set to opt for.

●  Salmon Pink

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Your nails have to look extra good and be special for your fun party night or weekend. And Glamermaid has such lovely nail art designs that would be perfect for a girly party. Salmon Pink has a subtle but very feminine and elegant vibe to it.

2.  So Lovely

Lovely nails that make you feel good are always trendy. Glamermaid's So Lovely category from the Back to school sale collection is where to go if you're searching for lovely nail art.

●  Cat Family

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In case you were in search of fun nail designs with cats, Glamermaid’s Cat Family press on nail would be the best choice. This press on nail belongs to the So lovely category from the Back to school sale. Each press on nail gets its own design and comes together to form a stand-out set. This press-on nail will take your ordinary manicure to the next level.

●  Chromatic Smile

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Slapping a smiley face or two onto your fingertips is the latest manicure trend taking over the internet, guaranteed to instill at least a little happiness into your life. Glamermaid’s Chromatic Smile press on nail features cute smiley faces into a multi-colored manicure without looking too busy. So reflect all your feelings with an assortment of emoticons on your next mani with this press on nail set.

Thus, the Glamermaid’s Back to school sale includes but is not limited to the above-mentioned press on nail designs and patterns. You may visit our website to go through a variety of styles that are suited to your particular interests. So feel free to grab some of the most popular Glamermaid’s press on nails, and be ready to go on an adventure of uniqueness.

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