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Glamermaid’s Surprise Bags And Value Sets


Every woman who is passionate about her nails knows the importance of possessing different press on nail kits for a quick manicure in case there is an impromptu plan to head outside. For this reason, Glamermaid offers a special Back to school sale.

In Glamermaid’s Back to school sale, you will find a wide range of surprise bags and value sets for you. Just in case you want to store a collection of different press on nail styles and designs in your beauty product. We provide everyday high-quality press on nail surprise bags and value sets at affordable prices. 

The following is a general rundown of different surprise bags and value sets available on Glamermaid.

1. Surprise Bag ( Random 6 Products)

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Glamermaid has introduced its Suprise Bag Random containing 6 random products. It can include different designs and shapes of nails. In addition to this, you may find nail prep oil remover, nail tip glue, nail glue debonder, cuticle oil pen, manicure stick, manicure file, adhesive tabs, nail clipper, stainless steel cuticle pusher, and prep pad. Thus, you can find any 6 random items in Surprise bag.

2. Surprise Bag ( Random 12 Products)

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Glamermaid’s Surprise Bag Random 12 Products may have a variety of press on nails in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. This complete press on nail surprise bag may also come with nail glue, adhesive tabs, manicure stick, manicure file or nail prep oil remover. So, order our Surprise bag and see which 12 products you will get.

3. Value Set ( 4 Packs Of Press on Nails)

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The gorge medium shape almond press on nails are the perfect everyday yet still fun manicure. Glamermaid offers 4 packs of different almond shape press on nails. Each pack consists of smooth edge tips with a more shallow curve making it convenient to press on nail beds firmly without feeling uncomfortable tightness. As a result, your nails will seem more natural than ever before. However, the uniqueness of this value set comes from the fact that it has glossy finishing. The kit includes 24 nails in 12 inclusive sizes that you can file to fit your nail. It also includes one nail file, one cuticle stick, adhesive tabs, and one alcohol prep pad. You can also get 5 packs of Almond press on nails in Matte finishing.

4. Value Set ( 5 Packs Of Press on Nails)

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If you're a nail lover but are not ready to commit yourself to super long nails, then this value set is a perfect choice for you. In this value set, you will find 5 short squoval shape press on nails, each of which features different stunning colors. Moreover, this value set comes complete with a storage box, adhesive pads, double-sided nail file, cuticle stick, and a prep pad. You can purchase this at-home mani value set that's perfect for those who want a chic pop of color.

Therefore, instead of spending lots of time and money at the nail salon, you can change your nail style in 15 minutes anytime and anywhere with these Glamermaid’s Surprise bags and value sets. Hence, Glamermaid is your stop to shop.

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