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Butterfly Nails that are Trending All Year-Round


Butterfly nails are a trend that is here to stay, and they are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your nails. Butterflies are a symbol of transformation and growth, making them the perfect addition to any nail design. The Butterfly nails trend is usually popular during the spring and summer months when butterflies are in abundance.

We at Glamermaid care about your preferences and style, and hence we have introduced Butterfly press-on nails solely for our lovely customers. Here are some of the cutest butterfly nails that you will never see anywhere else.

Butterfly Fairy

The Butterfly Fairy press-on nails are a beautiful and enchanting design that will add a touch of magic to any outfit. The nails feature two solid pink colors, one reddish color, and two nails that have a stunning butterfly design on them. The butterflies are delicately hand-painted with intricate details and vibrant colors, making them stand out beautifully against the background of the nails. These Butterfly Fairy nails like their name look magical and stunning. Like them? Order them too!

Dr Butterfly

The Dr Butterfly press-on nails are designed with a stunning combination of orange, purple, and light blue colors that create an eye-catching effect. Two of the nails have a beautiful purple color with a sparkling star design that adds a touch of glamour to the overall look. The other three nails have intricate butterfly designs that are hand-painted with delicate details and vibrant colors. You can easily wear the Dr Butterfly Press-on nails by Glamermaid at the office or in school.

Butterfly Leaf

The Butterfly Leaf press-on nails look very elegant and magical. The nails feature three nails with black french tips that create a classic and timeless look, while the other two nails have simple butterfly wing designs on them. The nude and black color combination is surely for those people who love simple yet elegant nail designs. These Butterfly Leaf press-on nails by Glamermaid will surely steal your and everyone’s hearts.

Butterfly Hero

The Butterfly Hero press-on nails look so simple yet so chic. The nails feature a classic blue french tip design that creates a timeless and sophisticated look, while the black butterfly designs on them add a touch of whimsy and magic. The combination of blue, black, and nude colors looks very charming and sophisticated. The Butterfly Hero nail design will help you draw attention to your gorgeous hands.

Butterfly Home

The Butterfly Home press-on nails have a stunning ethereal design that will bring a touch of natural beauty to your fingertips. The nails feature a range of shades of sky blue, purple, and pink creating a serene and calming effect that evokes the feeling of being surrounded by the natural beauty of the outdoors. You will feel like you are in the countryside watching the sunrise with beautiful butterflies everywhere. Order the Butterfly Home press-on nails now!!

Did you like these gorgeous butterfly nails? If yes, then don’t wait and add them to your cart now!!

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