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Happy Easter: Choose A Nail Art to Add Cheer to Your Holiday


Easter is coming, and it is the best time to celebrate this holiday with Glamermaid Easter nails. Easter is a joyous occasion for everyone. Every year family members and friends have a get-together on the first Sunday of April to celebrate Easter.

Glamermaid has introduced a wide range of colorful and stunning nail art designs that will help you to celebrate easter with style. These fashion nails feature bunnies, colorful eggs, flowers, and everything Easter.

Here are some of the top 5 Easter press-on nails by Glamermaid. Take a look at them!

Bunny Girl

These Bunny Girl press-on nails are a playful choice for all ages of women on Easter. The nails feature a bold black background that provides the perfect canvas for fun and playful designs. On two of the nails, you'll find cute bunny ears that give the design Easter vibes. The remaining three nails feature colorful dots in shades of pink, blue, purple, orange, and green. These dots add a pop of color to the design, making it feel bright, cheerful, and perfect for springtime.

Bunny in Garden

These Glamermaid Bunny in Garden press-on nails feature a colorful background that's perfect for Easter and will surely capture your heart. On two of the nails, you'll find adorable white bunnies that look super cute. The other nails feature a range of cute Easter and springtime designs that include flowers, butterflies, and Easter eggs. We are sure that you will love this Bunny in Garden press-on nail designs and will gift them to your friends and family too. What are you waiting for? Buy these gorgeous press-on nails now!

Bunny Painting

These Bunny Painting press-on nails have a bold black background that provides the perfect background to the bright and cheerful designs. The nails are designed with a variety of cute and colorful Easter-themed designs, including rabbits, flowers, and Easter eggs. The colorful rabbits look really cute and adorable. Overall, these Bunny Painting press-on nails are stunning and should be in your wishlist!

Celebrate Easter

Celebrate Easter press-on nails have exactly what you need in your Easter nails. These exquisite nails feature a white background with green and blue colors. They include flower designs, line designs, adorable bunnies, and flowers. These Glamermaid Celebrate Easter press-on nails are surely the best to celebrate Easter. Add them to your cart now!

Vitality Surrounds

The Glamermaid’s Vitality Surrounds press-on nails are adorned with a variety of playful designs, including colorful flowers and white bunnies. If you want to celebrate Easter in style, then these press-on nails are the best option for you. The colorful flower signifies Spring whereas the white bunnies indicate that these nails are for Easter. You can also wear these nail designs to other casual events such as birthday parties.

We hope that you will celebrate your Easter with Glamermaid press-on nails this year. If you want to check out more Easter designs, then click here. Happy Easter from us!!

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