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Do Fake Nails Damage Real Nails?


Fake nails are widely used in the world of nail art as they are quite convenient and fashionable. Whether you are in a hurry, or you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the salon, fake nails are your best bet. Many people believe that fake nails can damage real nails, but is it true? Let’s dig into it.

First, we need to know what fake nails are. Fake nails can include press-on nails, gel nails, and acrylic nails. Acrylic nails and gel nails can most likely cause damage to natural nails if they are not applied or removed properly. A lot of chemicals are used when applying or removing both acrylic and gel nails, which can harm the natural nail and make them easily breakable.

On the other hand, press-on nails are fake nails that don’t ruin the natural nails. The reason is that they use either glue or adhesive tabs that are quite easy to remove. They also do not include any harsh chemicals and are quite flexible to use.

Press-on nails are truly hassle-free and the best solution to use fake nails without damaging natural nails. Glamermaid also has a wide collection of press-on nails that are safe to use, the adhesive tabs and nail glue have no harmful ingredients and are easy to remove.

If you are looking for press-on nails, then these adorable press-on nails by Glamermaid will make your day.

Burning Flame

Burning Flame press-on nails by Glamermaid are unique in their own way. Two of the nails feature a nude background with a black starry sky that appears as flames that are seemingly ignited from the tips. The other three nails depict a stunning black sky that is decorated with shining stars and a moon. Get your hands on the Burning Flame press-on nails now!

Violet Ruins

Violet Ruins press-on nails feature a combination of gorgeous floral designs with solid violet hues. Two of the nails have a soft nude background that is adorned with delicate white and violet flowers. The other three nails are painted in a captivating solid violet color. This color complements the flower colors on other nails. The Violet Ruins press-on nails by Glamermaid are absolutely gorgeous and stunning.

Leaf Party

Leaf Party press-on nails showcase a minimalist nature-inspired design. Three of the nails feature a subtle nude background that gives the nails a soft look. Out of these, two nails are adorned with elegant black leaves and the third nude nail showcases a sleek black horizontal line. The other two nails are painted in a solid black color. Leaf Party press-on nails are perfect for people who love to wear delicate fake nail designs.

Aquatic Halo

Aquatic Halo press-on nails by Glamermaid feature a soft nude background that is designed with symmetric curves in an aqua-green shade. These nails look extremely gorgeous and are ideal for women who study or work. The Aquatic Halo press-on nails will also go with almost all shades of outfits.


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