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Marble Nail Designs Are Classy and Timeless


Marble nail designs are loved by nail enthusiasts all over the world. The reason is that they are unique and exquisite. As the name shows, these nail designs are inspired by the natural beauty of marble. The Marble press-on nails look equally classy and timeless.

Not only that Marble press-on nails also help to elevate your outfits. Glamermaid has an amazing collection of Marble press-on nails that are classy and timeless. Do check these gorgeous press-on nails out!

Blue Porcelain

Glamermaid’s Blue Porcelain marble press-on nails are quite glamorous and elegant. These luxurious press-on nails feature a breathtaking blue marble design that is inspired by the intricate pattern of marble. The blue hues in these press-on nails show look so peaceful.  One of the standout features of Blue Porcelain marble press-on nails is the use of delicate specks of golden glitter.

The Blue Porcelain marble press-on nails create a captivating and sophisticated look that is perfect for any occasion.

Sea Marble

The Sea Marble press-on nails by Glamermaid are a stunning fusion of simplicity and elegance. These marble nails feature a crisp white background adorned with blue marble-like patterns. The nails give an ocean-like appearance and are for people who love the ocean. These marble press-on nails are one in a million. We are sure that everyone will look at your nails with awe. Glamermaid’s Sea Marble press-on nails can be worn daily and even on joyous occasions.

Marble Mountains

These Marble Mountains press-on nails are a blend of elegance and sophistication. It features a pristine white background adorned with captivating purple marble-like patterns. The swirls of varying purple hues, from deep violet to soft lavender look so amazing.

Marble Mountains press-on nails can be worn at casual events and formal gatherings. These gorgeous nails by Glamermaid will surely make your hands look prettier, so order them now!

Lost Horizon

The Lost Horizon press-on nails have an ethereal beauty. It features a deep black background that is designed with mesmerizing sea green and blue marble-like patterns. Yes, you can see marble designs in black colors too, and they also look very spectacular. These gorgeous Lost Horizon press-on nails are suitable for various occasions including both formal and casual events.

If you don’t know how to stand out in the crowd, then these Lost Horizon press-on nails by Glamermaid will surely elevate your outfit and help you steal the limelight.

Skyward Stripes

The Skyward Stripes press-on nails are a chic take on classic marble designs that features a refined grey marble pattern alongside a captivating tie-dye white and grey motif. The three nails have a marble-like pattern, whereas the other two have a tie-dye style.

These marble nails are not only fashionable, but they are also quite convenient to use. Embrace the Skyward Stripes press-on nails and wear them on multiple occasions.

Make a statement with Glamermaid’s marble press-on nails and enjoy the gorgeous nails. Order your favorite marble press-on nail set now!

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