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How Can You Forget Your Toe nails?


How often do you indulge in fun nail art and forget about your toes? Several times right. While nail art designs are always on trending, it is time to bring the trend down to your feet also. The truth is, both sets of your nails are there for you to get creative with. Even though toe nail designs feel so underrated, that does not take away from their cool factor. 

Just think about how fun your feet will look in your favorite open-toed shoes! If you like, you can match your toenails to reflect your outfits and sandals or go with a nautical theme. You can also add toenail rings too.

Your pedicures will be so much better when you decide on trying out Glamermaid's toe nails. The options are endless. From intricate details to abstract designs, there is a cute toenail for everyone. Here are some worthy toenail designs from Glamermaid that every nail-art lover will appreciate. Take a look!

● Good Night

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There is no doubt that stars and the moon are two of the most captivating objects in the sky. They have long been symbols of hope, mystery, and enchantment, which is exactly why they make for perfect toe nail designs! Good Night toenail is an ideal design for your everyday look. It evokes a calm sense of the night sky.

● Sea Marble

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Whether you are going for a vacation on the beach or just miss walking on the side of the ocean and the feeling of sand on your toes, Glamermaid's Sea Marble toe nail is the perfect choice for you. This toe nail design is very sophisticated and fancy. If this beach-inspired pedicure doesn't make you grab your beach chair and sunglasses, we don't know what will.

● Lightish

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We all have a favorite nail color, but there are times when we just don’t want to choose. In that case, Glamermaid has a gorgeous Lightish toe nail design for you. Make your toes pop with this colorful ombre pedicure. This adorable design will make you stay cool with its various stunning colors.

● Peaceful

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Are you looking for a rocker-chic nail look? This matte black pedicure, complete with white leaves, is a perfect choice. It is no secret that black is a go-to color for women that fits with every outfit. This toe nail design is a prime example that black and white always look so good together. So fashion fans, this Glamermaid's Peaceful toe nail design is for you.

● Calm Sea

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Bring your dream tropical vacation to your toes with this adorable blue color toe nail. The Glamermaid's Calm Sea toe nail design is all you need for your vacation. You'll be blown away by this next-level design that works on every toe without being overwhelming. They are a definite conversation starter. It brings out the warm feeling of the ocean. 

Therefore, if you are interested in giving these lovely toe nail designs a shot to make your feet look more delicate. Go on Glamermaid's website and add them to your cart now!

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