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Is This the Set You've Been Looking for: Hand Nails and Toenails


As far as beauty treatments go, it doesn’t get much better than a set of new nails. If you’re like us, you likely already understand the power of a good manicure to improve your confidence, sense of style, and overall aesthetic.

However, with so many choices available these days for getting your nails done - from high-end acrylics to gel nails, nail jewelry, decals, and more - it can be hard to know what’s best. Not to mention all of the other factors involved. Price, convenience, safety, and efficacy should all be considerations when it comes to narrowing down the possibilities.

Amidst all this, one often overlooked option for keeping your nails fresh and on-point 24/7 is press-on nails. What many beauty lovers don’t realize is just how versatile, sustainable, flexible, and customizable press-on nails can be.

Glamermaid is a brand that is striving to change all that by offering a more luxurious and higher-quality alternative to previous iterations of the at-home manicure. Here, press-on nails come in a wide variety of hand nails and toenails in different colors, shapes, and designs. You can also choose to purchase an individual product or a set of products. Keep reading to see why you should consider purchasing a set of press-on nails.

Comparison Of The Benefits Of Individual Or Set Of Press-On Nails

  • It saves you coins! Less expensive.
  • No additional/expensive tools are required.
  • It gives you a completely effortless look from head to toe.
  • You'll have matching hand nails and toenails that look good just in a fraction of the time.

Following are some of the gorgeous sets of press-on nails for you available on Glamermaid. Just have a look at it.

Purple Star


We all know how lovely glossy nails look. This Glamermaid's Purple Star press-on nail does exactly that. This set of press-on nails will always give you a regal feel and sense of power while still maintaining an air of charming femininity. Whether you are preparing for a date night, a girl’s night, or simply a day at the office, this design will not let you down.



These pretty and sparkly nails are ready to party. Grapefruit press-on nail design features sparkles of dual shades of orange. These press-on nails are a cute and flirty way to express your delicate side. Great for a party or just to jazz up your look, so wear these press-on nails with an unassuming outfit to really let them shine.

Coral Pop


Every girl likes cat nail designs; it is an axiom. So if you love cats, then you are going to love these Glamermaids' press-on nails. Coral Pop press-on nail design features peeping black cats that are very fun to wear with orange as a base color.



The Glamermaid's Flirtatious press-on nail design undoubtedly enhances your entire skin and appearance. Furthermore, you will look incredible with its matte finish.



Matte red nails are the ultimate form of sophistication, with just a little bit of edge. The color is bold itself, but somehow with the shine gone, they stand out even more. Try this Glamermaid's Blood Stain press-on nails in matte red for an understated finish that still packs a punch.

Having selected Glamermaid, you are already well on your way to a memorable, stand-out look. So take your time to consider each of your options carefully. That being said, all these press-on nail options are available with a 20% discount making them much more budget-friendly and easy to keep up with. Having nice nails shouldn't come with a luxury price point. With our handnails and toenails collection, you can save thousands of dollars a year while still having a salon-worthy manicure.

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