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The Series You Must Not Miss: Thermochromic Nails


What if we told you that even though the summer heat is coming to a close, you can still take your hot girl energy into the fall? What if we tell you can showcase some of that hot girl energy onto your nails? Taking over social media with its vibrant and contrasting colors, the ‘Thermochromic Nails’ is the trend you need to rock this season. The best thing about this style of manicure is that they change their color as the temperature rises and falls. However, with its bright colors and abstract detailing, it's no surprise this trend has widespread appeal.

Glamermaid brings you almost every choice of thermochromic nails you can imagine so feel free to try them all. Here are some of the best thermochromic manicure styles that you may need on your hand.

Thermo Blue Raspberry


Glamermaid's Blue Raspberry press-on nail enhances your mood and gets you to burst into a great big grin. It consists of royal blue and turquoise color combination which is an extremely eye-catching press-on nail to pull off the thermochromic nail trend. This thermal color works much like a mood ring by changing as the temperature does. The color changes to turquoise when your nails are hot and royal blue when they are cold. It can sometimes have an ombre effect with the tips being blue and nails turquoise depending on the temperature.

Juicy Oranges


Wearing the same nail color for a long time can be boring. Instead, you should incorporate one of the best color-changing styles on Glamermaid the Juicy Oranges press-on nails to spice up your monotonous at-home manicures effortlessly. This press-on nail goes on to give you flawless colors to try on with dramatic changes according to the temperature. It will be white when the temperature rises to 31-degree celsius and orange color when the temperature falls to 20 degrees. It also naturally creates an ombre effect as the temperature of your finger changes. Your colleagues’ jaws will drop open when they see your beautiful nails.

Thermo Star Gazer


As you walk into a room, let your ‘nail’ language do the talking. These Thermo Star Gazer press-on nails can make a bold statement as the colors definitely open a window into the endless possibilities of the color spectrum. The colors are vivid and are suitable for the hot as well as the cold seasons. Dark blue for colder environments and light blue for hotter environments. Hence, you can use it throughout the year. It can be used for any occasion, be it a casual day at work or a special event like weddings or birthday parties.

Thermo Tequila Sunrise


Experience the magic of colors with this color-changing press-on nail. These sunrise-inspired nails make a beautiful choice for both the fantasy lover and the classy woman. While not as obvious in its design, Thermo Tequila Sunrise press-on nail is literally heat reactive, going yellow when it's warm and turning bright orange when it's cold. Its color-changing effect will leave your manicure receiving plenty of compliments.

All of the above color-changing press-on nails from Glamermaid are going to wow you with their amazing uniqueness and sophistication. You can also add accessories to your hand that will help draw attention to your manicure. Play with different jewelry that will compliment your color-changing nail art. This can add even more shine to your hands.

You will never run out of beautiful shades or get bored when you invest in these amazing color-changing press-on nails from Glamermaid. Glamermaid truly cares about its products and makes sure that they are perfect for you. So don't wait any longer, grab one of the best thermochromic manicures and let your nails take on a whole new life!

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