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Sorry for forgetting to send it to you yesterday


It’s truly safe to say that the Press-on nails have become Ladies' New Obsession. Before the press-on nails, one has to go to a salon for a nail appointment which would cost a lot of money and waste a lot of time.

The new obsession with press-on nails can be explained by the following reasons:

  • They are easy to apply.
  • They save time.
  • They help to save money.
  • They are available in a wide range of colors, designs, and styles are available.
  • They are Reusable.

If you are also obsessed with press-on nails, then following Glamermaid’s press-on nails will certainly attract you as they are magical.

Luminous Butterfly

The captivating Luminous Butterfly press-on nails are truly mesmerizing. These enchanting press-on nails feature a deep black background providing a stunning contrast to the exquisite white butterfly designs that grace the surface. These Luminous Butterfly nails look really elegant and decent. They are good for daily wear, and even for several occasions. If you like these nails, then order them now!

Purple Textures

These mesmerizing Glamermaid’s Purple Textures press-on nails are inspired by the beauty of intricate marble patterns. These press-on nails showcase an exquisite purple marble-like design, effortlessly blending various shades of purple to create a rich nail design.

Make a lasting impression by wearing the Purple Textures press-on nails on hangouts, birthday events, and wedding ceremonies. You can easily wear them wherever you want!

Cherry Orchard

Glamermaid’s delightful Cherry Orchard press-on nails are inspired by the vibrant hues and whimsical charm of a sun-drenched cherry orchard. These press-on nails show a white background designed with luscious red cherry designs with green leaves. One of the nails has a solid light green color that looks really lovely.

The Cherry Orchard press-on nails are ideal for daytime events, garden parties, or simply adding a touch of delightful elegance to your everyday style.

Blowing Wind

The Blowing Wind press-on nails by Glamermaid are inspired by the gentle elegance and graceful movement of leaves caught in a soft breeze. This set features a harmonious blend of colors, with one solid pink nail, one solid white nail, and three pink and white ombre nails, creating a visually appealing and calming aesthetic.

The Blowing Wind press-on nails are adorned with intricate black leaf designs that evoke the sensation of leaves gently swaying in the wind. These press-on nails are ideal for casual parties and daily wear.

Delicate Dreams

These stunning Delicate Dreams press-on nails are inspired by the captivating beauty and tranquility of a sunset sky. These press-on nails showcase a breathtaking background of a softly fading sunset, with hues that seamlessly blend together.

The celestial elements as moons, stars, and other intricate designs are carefully crafted in either white or black, providing a striking contrast against the dreamy sunset backdrop. The Delicate Dreams press-on nails by Glamermaid will surely become your new obsession. Wear them daily to show off your amazing style.

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