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3D Art Design Press-On Nail: A Style Revolution


The world of nail art is continuously evolving, and 3D Art Design press-on nails are one of the biggest innovations. 3D Art design press-on nails look marvelous. The 3D nail art will give your nails a new dimension. This nail style looks very cool, as it includes actual objects on the nails rather than just a design made of colors.

Now elevate your nail game to new heights with the help of Glamermaid 3D Art Design Press-on nails. Here are some of the coolest 3D Art press-on nails by Glamermaid:

Take Star

The enchanting Take Star press-on nails are not only mesmerizing but are truly stunning. This nail set is inspired by the alluring beauty of the night sky. The background color of the Take Star press-on nails is sky blue which is the perfect canvas for the luminous golden 3D moon and stars.

The press-on nails feature golden 3D art designs of unfilled star and moon shapes. These press-on nails look really adorable and are great for people who want to show off their amazing style. You can wear these press-on nails for daily affairs or even at casual parties. Don’t think twice and add Take Star 3D art press-on nails to your cart now!

Elegant Pink

These exquisite Elegant Pink press-on nails are inspired by the timeless charm of classic French manicures. These press-on nails feature a delicate nude base color that seamlessly transitions to a soft, light pink hue at the tips. To elevate the design, the 3D press-on nails are decorated with delicate pearls and a white bow. These press-on nails are great for special occasions like weddings, birthday parties, or dinner dates. Enhance your style by wearing Elegant Pink press-on nails.

Galaxy Glam

Glamermaid’s Galaxy Glam press-on nails are truly gorgeous and will take everyone’s breath away. These press-on nails feature a beautiful light brown base color that gradually transitions into dramatic black fingertips, making them a perfect choice for black color lovers. One of the nails features a 3D silver glitter design, and one is designed with 3D silver glitter completely. We are sure that you will love this nail art design and will wear them on special days. Add these nails to your cart now!

Pink Princess

The enchanting Pink Princess press-on nails are incredible. They are inspired by the elegance and charm of royal Princesses. The nails feature a delicate baby pink background that depicts softness and grace. These press-on nails are adorned with heart-shaped, square, and diamond shape jewels.


The jewels will surely shine brightly and will capture everyone’s attention. You can wear the Pink Princess press-on nails at weddings, birthday parties, and even on normal days.


These 3D art press-on nails by Glamermaid are truly mesmerizing. If you want to get your hands on more of these designs, then click here.  

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