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Special Nail Shape — Long Stiletto


When it comes to getting a manicure, stiletto nails are a trendy shape that shows off your empowered feminine side with a bold look. Stiletto nails are exactly what they sound like: long, skinny, and sharp.  These nail designs are sexy and fierce fashion statements.

It features a tapered shape with pointed ends that look great with all colors and art. Long Stiletto nails are an excellent option for anyone who wants to rock a bit of length and some gorgeous designs. These nails make your hands and fingers look super elegant and chic. Stiletto nails  are a perfect accessory for any occasion that will mostly suit:

  • Teens
  • Younger women who love to party
  • Perfect for brides and bridesmaids
  • Everyday events

Features Of Long Stiletto Nails

  • Long Stiletto nails make a point
  • They are dramatic
  • They are sexy
  • They show your personality fully

Not for the faint of heart nor anyone who has a tendency to put their hands near their eyes a lot. Now with the endless array of press-on options, you don't even have to commit to acrylics or gels. To get the sharpest, strongest edge possible, you’ll want to try out this nail shape with Glamermaid’s press-on nails. They are comfortable to wear, giving you the most natural-looking fit. So let's explore these super chic long stiletto nail designs from Glamermiad.

Black Matte


Black Matte stiletto nails are so on-trend, so you can’t go wrong with opting for this look. Glamermaid has perfect Black Matte stiletto press-on nails for you that look absolutely killer. There’s something about this press-on nail that instantly makes you look ten times more fierce.

Bright Red Matte


Red stiletto nails are made for a vibrant girl. Red is a strong color, and especially with the stiletto shape, your nails are bound to get noticed. So if you know you can pull these long stiletto nails off, then Glamermaid’s Bright Red Matte press-on nail is a perfect choice. You’ll have people grabbing your hands to take a closer look and complimenting you left, right and center.

Galaxy Embellishment


Galaxy Embellishment press-on nails are the perfect choice for a woman who wants nail art that is luxurious and elegant. It features glitter stiletto nails that tend to catch the eye. After all, they do twinkle. These press-on nails are typically a ‘girly’ design and suit all those formal occasions such as weddings, debutants, or even just a big night out or a birthday. They’re bound to stand out, which is generally what you want when you go ‘full glam’ for an occasion like these.

Star Night Sky


Sometimes you just want to look and feel rich, and if that's the case, the Glamermaid press on nails is here to help you do that. For instance, Glamermaid’s Star Night Sky press-on nail has a subtle-yet-edgy shade of gray that matches any outfit—or mood. It features luxury nails with a glossy finish. This long stiletto press-on nail style magically looks both over-the-top and genuine at the same time. These nails are a show-stopper for sure.

Hopefully, this guide will inspire you to purchase Glamermaid’s long stiletto mani for your next event, like a dance, a prom, or a wedding. You can also wear them with a pair of stilettos, and you'll end up with twice the fierceness.

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