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The Design Everyone Needs to Own: Mirror Powder


Nails have many styles for women to choose from, but if you want to own a luxurious but equally unique nail set, Mirror Powder nail is a suitable choice. Mirror Powder Nails are the latest trend in the nail art world. They are also known as Mirror Nails or Chrome Powder. They are shimmery, they are sparkly, and they are just about everything a nail fanatic could ask for. All women are fixated on the sparkly mirror powder which transforms your nails into reflecting glass. 

The Mirror Powder nail will make the girls who like style, elegance, and nobility fall in love at first sight. Mirror nail designs will really make your hands more beautiful than ever. So if you're considering giving high-shine Mirror Powder Nails a go, Glamermaid has brought you a collection of 5 top mirror powder nail designs. Have a look and see if any of these unique nail art ideas strike your fancy!

Poisoned Bullet

Some girls like to have dark-colored nail colors in every nail design. For this, the Poisoned Bullet press-on nail design is the best choice for them. You will have a shiny and reflective surface enriched with the glam of dark colors. Have fun with glamorous mirror powder nails at your fingertips. The mirror powder effect gives this look that extra spark so you can flaunt your new manicure everywhere you go.

Golden Age

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to indulge in a little witchy style. This glossy nail look appears to give off a marbling effect. This shade is so unique that the reflection will be different in different lights. Your nails will surely look good with the golden glow of this mirror powder nail design. They will shine in such a fantastic way and will be perfect for all sorts of events like weddings or fancy parties.

Rainbow Reflection

Rainbow Reflection press-on nail design is everything you never knew you needed. This manicure is perfect for those of you who secretly wish they were mermaids. You will love this manicure inspired by the metallic hues of mermaid tails and fish scales. Add a little marine magic to your life, but get to keep your two legs in the process!

Blood Stained

If you’re a lover of bling and all things shiny, there’s no better starting point than Blood Stained press-on nail design. Warning: these nails may make you feel like you have superpowers. This pink mirror powder press-on nail is extremely sleek and girly. The glossy shine adds glamour and excitement to the manicure, making this perfect for anyone who wants to show off their gorgeous talons. You will be receiving compliments left, right, and center with this gorgeous nail look.

Night Charm

If you love earthy, nature-inspired looks and mani, why not opt for green mirror powder nails? Night Charm press-on nails are a perfect combination of beauty with chic-like elegance. Get creative and quirky with this unique mirror powder nail design by showcasing it on the almond-shaped nails and watch the magic unfold; all eyes will be on you. Convince just about everyone that these press-on nails are the real deal.

Moreover, match your Mirror Powder nails with dress shoes or handbags for a sweet ’90s throwback look, or adorn your hand with midi rings and on-trend jewelry pieces for an updated look. Warning: you may not be able to stop staring at your fingers!

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