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Pink Is Always A Girl's Favorite!


Pink is a popular nail color and pink nail colors look so classy. They’re natural and classically feminine, and the best part is they go with just about everything. Pink is a go-to color for so many of you. Whether you opt for a luxe-looking muted rose, a classic baby pink, or a translucent wash of pink - pink is a tried and tested color that practically guarantees IT-girl status. Different shades of pink have also covered fashion catwalks and have been worn on red carpets for glam events.

Get some of the best cute pink press-on nails with gorgeous designs that will turn your nails into a pink work of art. These are some of the best cute pink nails from Glamermaid.

Bright Pink Matte

Looking for glam nail art? This could be perfect for you. Everyone loves a good matte nail, and this pink nail art takes the cake! This press-on nail has a bright pink hue that is appealing, and its significance makes it worthwhile to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Bright pink-colored nails are stunning and may show off your lovely nail hues everywhere you go, adding to your attractiveness. They are total stunners! The key is their matte finish; it makes these press-on nails extra cool and unique.

Pixie Pink

Instead of a single hue, the pink ombre nail design alters your style by combining two colors with a gradient. Here you have a beautiful nail design that features light pink and white ombre. Pixie Pink press-on nail comprises white tips on a pink nail base. The smooth transition from dark to light looks stunning. You won't stop staring at these white and pink ombré nails. The colorful effects perfectly blend with whichever outfit you have and enhance your overall beauty. This perfect combo of pink and white will make you feel groovy.

Salmon Pink

Next, we have a stunning pink look that will wow! Some may be put off trying trendy nail art like marble because it looks too bold. Well, this press-on nail shows a subtler way to wear it. Salmon Pink press-on nails have long, translucent nails. Each one is also decorated with soft pink marbling. As you can see, the marble still looks super stylish and is more low-key. It is a glamorous look, and it will make everyone envious.

Jumping Pink


Can't choose your favorite shade? Why not opt for a different hue on each nail? So grab a Jumping Pink press-on nail design that features all your favorite pinks with a different color on each nail. The different colors of pink nails make a vivid and stunning color gradient from one finger to the next. It starts with a delicate light pink manicure and progressively increases the darkness of the pink hue until the last finger. You will undoubtedly be impressed with this press-on nail. It’s simple yet elegant with a playful, fun twist. If you have an upcoming vacation, this pink nail art is sure to take your #ootd up a notch.

Pink Rebirth

This is the most popular pink nail look this year. A sheer pink keeps your nails looking polished - almost like a tinted moisturizer but for your nails! Classic baby pink nails are everywhere, and you really can’t go wrong with this look. The Pink Rebirth press-on nails are designed in a light pink shade. Simple, rounded, and with just the right amount of shine, these press-on nails will go with any look.

This is the perfect nail for women who want to try light pink in an elegant way. The manicure manages to hit the romantic vibe right on the head without being too cheesy.


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