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The Popular Color Of This Winter: Purple!

As we entered the winter season, it demands new enhancements in our daily routine. Every season has its own color associations. Winter is a wonderful season, colorful flowers bloom in this season. This season brings happiness back again. Purple color is favorable in winter due to its royalty and magical appearance. Well-groomed nails portray richness and majesty and enhance self-esteem. People who love to wear purple are often called mavericks and independent. Nail art demands some innovation to get positive results. Purple nail suits well with many other colors. You may try mixing it up with black, pink, and white shades. Dark purple nails are ideal for a romantic occasion.

In contrast, light purple nails go well on several occasions of happiness, such as Christmas Eve, New Year, etc. Glamermaid brings up the idea of introducing many different options by which you will assess what will be best suited for you. Here are some of their choices;

Purple Green Glass

Get yourself ready to look creative by wearing these press-on nails with a slight green all over the purple shade. These press-on nails are attractive as their glossy looks tempting. You will wear these press-on nails at a party or any informal occasion.

Purple Dream

Floral mani is one of the lovely nail arts to welcome winter. If you are looking for a classy look winter nail design, this one is perfect for you! It comes with a sophisticated look. Combined with perfect color and style, this design can match your everyday look. What’s best about this design is its floral touch that suits every occasion.

Grape Galaxy

Its physical appearance is so unique that it stands out clearly as the shape of this press-on nail art represents short almonds with groups of galaxies around the surface. Choose purple and a galaxy-toned tone to maintain an elegant appearance in your press-on nail design.

Crazy Cow

This winter, you can say goodbye to rainbow designs and smiley faces and say Hi to Animal prints. When applied to the nails, animal designs seem fierce, fashionable, and appealing. Women occasionally enjoy dressing slightly enigmatically, and printed animal nails appear particularly lovely at night events.

Day to Night

With these press-on nails, you can make everyone around you and yourself happier. You can quickly wear these press-on nails throughout the day. As Christmas Eve is yet to come, this combination of purple and black will help you celebrate your Christmas more creatively.

Hence, it's apparent why the purple nail style is growing: it looks great! On Glamermaid, there are so many options for purple nail art that there is absolutely something for everyone.

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