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There are Rainbows in Winter Too!

We know that winters make you feel gloomy and depressed. Winter blues are also real, but the best thing is that we can avoid them by seeing colorful things. There are no rainbows in the sky during winter, but there can be rainbows in other things. The best place where you can see rainbows in winter can be your nails. Make use of rainbow nail designs in winter to add colors to your life.


Glamermaid has an incredible collection of rainbow nails. Looking for rainbow press on nail designs? Check out these amazing styles here!

Cute Elements

These Cute Element press on nails are the cutest and most adorable press on nails you would have ever seen. The cute flowers, stars, and rainbow design will make your heart go soft. These press on nails feature a rainbow design which will certainly make your days brighter. The nude base color, cute design, and glossy finish make these press on nails simply adorable. Whether you are a teenager or a woman in her 50s, these Cute Element press on nails are designed for you.


These Skyland press on nails are simply gorgeous. The subtle color and design will make you cheerful and happy. These press on nails design is so unique that people will ask you about them for sure. The pink and light purple sky, the cute little heart shape design, the stars, and the rainbows are indescribable in words. We are sure that all eyes will be on these Skyland press on nails, so make sure to add them to your cart.

Frog House

Want to add a little fun to your nails? These cute Frog House press on nails will do the job. The press on nail design features cute little smiley frogs, hearts, flowers, stars, and cherries. The Frog House nail design also features a rainbow that will make your winter depression go away. Wear these adorable Frog House press on nails to attract happiness and good luck!

Rainbow Checkerboard

If you are looking for something that is both trendy and adorable, then Rainbow Checkerboard press on nails are made for you. The checkerboard design along with rainbows is one of the best combinations you will ever see in nail design. You can easily wear Rainbow Checkerboard press on nails with all types of clothes you own. We are sure that this press on nail design will also make you stand out. Don’t forget to add Rainbow Checkerboard press on nails to your cart now!

Rainbow & Eyes

Can you imagine seeing a rainbow in the dark? If no, then Rainbow & Eyes press on nails will show you how. The rainbow in the night sky shows great imagination. These press on nail designs feature rainbows, eyes, and stars. They are irresistible, and you can not get enough of them. Don’t think twice and buy these Rainbow & Eyes press on nails now!


If you would like to see more rainbow press on nails, then click here. Grab your favorites now!

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